Upholstery Cleaning in Tulsa

Looking for a really great upholstery cleaning service in Tulsa? Carpet Renovations deep steam furniture & upholstery cleaning process is great for cleaning Sofa Sectionals, Couches, Loveseats, Recliners, Dining Room Chairs, and even Mattresses! With our Quick Drying System most items are dry and ready for use in just a few hours. When it comes to hiring an experienced tulsa upholstery and furniture cleaning service, Carpet Renovations is your best choice!

Most residential homeowners know the benefits of a good furniture & upholstery cleaning but why are they so great? Sure, a cleaning is good but did you know these other benefits can be provided through a great upholstery cleaning? If not, check them out:

  • better air quality in your home by removing accumulated dust, dirt and germs
  • removal of dust and dander that can trigger symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • removal of hair, skin, and body oils that have clung to your furniture over time
  • restoring the beautiful color of your fabrics and making them bright and clean again
  • removal of stains and spills that have been making your furniture look old and dirty
  • protection of one of your home’s major investments, saving you money

Now that you’re convinced a good upholstery cleaning is a necessary thing, let’s talk about where you should look for those cleaning services.

One of the best companies is Carpet Renovations, who operates out of Tulsa. First starting their carpet cleaning business in 1986, these cleaning professionals have been busy at work for thirty years now, cleaning carpet, tile and upholstery with eco-friendly products and top grade cleaning processes. For those thirty years of business, Carpet Renovations of Tulsa has maintained and kept an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has astounded and pleased a long list of extremely satisfied and repeat customers.

A Little More About Their Process

Carpet Renovations can cater their Tulsa upholstery cleaning process to fit a variety of needs, from unsightly spills and stains to the unseen upholstery problems including body oils, dust mites and pet dander. To clean your upholstery, the professionals from Carpet Renovations will use a deep steam clean and treat your fabrics with care. The deep steam process cleans virtually any type of fabric and is far more effective than traditional “dry” cleaning upholstery methods. Concerned that your furniture will be damp after a steam clean? Don’t be, it is only a temporary state since they set up a drying station and force dry your furniture and cushions with air movers. After just a few hours of performing the upholstery cleaning, your furnishings will be completely dry and ready for use and cleaner than ever. Also included in the pricing of upholstery cleaning is a sanitizing treatment and fabric protection, something that surely sets apart their cleaning service from other similar companies.

Another service offered that separates Carpet Renovations from other upholstery cleaning businesses in Tulsa is that they offer special allergy relief treatments for those who have family members that suffer from allergies and asthma.

Why Choose Carpet Renovations

But why should you choose Carpet Renovations for your upholstery cleaning needs? Well that’s simple. Carpet Renovations, besides caring for the well-being and health of your upholstery and furniture cleaning needs also cares about giving you the best customer service experience possible. They want to cater to your every cleaning need and refuse to sacrifice on their ideals of exemplary service. What could possibility be better than clean upholstery and great service? 

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