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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Tulsa

When looking for a company who specializes in commercial carpet cleaning, it is important to choose an experienced and longtime veteran in the industry. You also want to choose a good company that has plenty of user testimonials to their name. In order to make this search for a commercial carpet cleaning company, consider these few tips:

  • Choose a company based on their carpet cleaning process (which you can usually read about on their website)
  • Talk with work associates, friends and family or check service review sites
  • Always avoid the lowest price option (it’s usually a scam)
  • Ask about included services and guaranteed price quotes
  • Consider the employees and level of expertise

Thankfully, Carpet Renovations out of Tulsa fits and exceeds all these commercial carpet cleaning requirements. The professionals there are extremely experienced (they’ve been in operation since 1986) and use green carpet cleaning processes that benefit their customers and the environment. They have the experience and expertise that is necessary to service a wide variety and types of flooring, from carpet to tile and more. Their approach can very broadly be referred to as holistic, they believe in personalization of services so you can be assured that your needs will be completely met with this company.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

What sets Carpet Renovations apart from other commercial carpet cleaning businesses in Tulsa is their approach to the cleaning process itself. Carpet Renovations offers a deep steam cleaning process for annual cleaning, a dry encapsulation process for in between maintenance needs, and a spot cleaning service for keeping your business appearance looking its absolute best. They also offer an upholstery cleaning service for your office furniture such as reception area sofas and chairs, office chairs and conference seating. All of these processes are green and geared towards a healthier clean for the carpet, you and the environment.

They clean with safe, non-toxic cleaning agents operated from a truck-mount system that comes highly recommended from the leading carpet cleaning manufacturers. Besides being the best, the safest and the cleanest methods that is currently available in the commercial carpet cleaning industry, their equipment is one the most powerful carpet cleaning systems of its kind, receiving the Gold rating from CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute). The power of these commercial carpet cleaning units can be seen in the way they are able to easily remove embedded soil, bacteria and germs from even the dirtiest of carpets.

What Carpet Renovations pays close attention to that also helps set them a level above the rest is that they know the commercial carpet cleaning process differs greatly from the residential one. To better understand this, let’s take a closer look at the step by step process Carpet Renovations of Tulsa employs when cleaning a commercial carpet. Their process basically combines a high traffic lane pre-treat, a rotary bonnet system for agitation and loosening the embedded soil, and an intense steam carpet cleaning process, followed with a dry bonnet process to speed up drying and prevent spots from reappearing  during the drying process. Not many companies would follow this many steps for cleaning commercial carpet because of the great amount of time involved but at Carpet Renovations they would settle for nothing less because of the great results it produces.

Why Choose Carpet Renovations

Not convinced yet and still asking why you should choose Carpet Renovations for your commercial carpet cleaning needs? Well that’s simple. Carpet Renovations, besides caring for the well-being and health of your work environment also cares about giving you the best customer service experience possible. They want to cater to your every carpet cleaning need and refuse to sacrifice on their ideals of exemplary service. What could possibly be better than clean carpets and great service?

In need of commercial tile and grout cleaning in your place of business? Please visit our commercial tile and grout cleaning page. We offer the same service and expertise to get your tile and grout looking its absolute best. 


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