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Pet Odor Removal Services

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Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning and Odor Treatments

When it comes to any type of professional cleaning, from carpet to tile and even upholstery, it’s not just the human inhabitants that are at risk from chemical fumes and odors, but our most cherished pets that need to be considered also.

How to minimize these effects you ask? That’s simple. Research and find a professional cleaning company that satisfies both your cleaning needs and uses safe and eco-friendly cleaning products! Carpet Renovations is such a company. We are local and operate out of Tulsa. Not only are we one of the best professional cleaning companies (in all areas including upholstery, carpet and tile or grout) but we also run a really green and environmentally friendly business.

Why You Need a Professional for Pet Odor Removal

Let’s start with the effects our pets can have on our furniture and carpets. That means pet stains, urine stains and other odors from cats and dogs. Gross right? That’s exactly why you need a professional to help remove these effects, permanently. This is especially important in cases where household cleaners are simply not getting rid of the mess or odor left behind by your pet.

For example, pet urine in the carpet not only leaves an unsightly stain and an unpleasant odor, but it penetrates the fibers and contaminates the carpet, carpet backing & pad, and the floor underneath. That’s why these types of situations will require more than just a regular carpet cleaning but will need special pet treatments to help eliminate the problem. If a pet accident such as urine, feces or vomit is not removed as soon as possible the more probable it is the stained area will have fluids that have penetrated past the carpet and down into the carpet backing and pad. This makes the task of eliminating the stain and odor much harder because a simple cleaning will not remove it. This is why you need to contact a professional to help you get rid of this mess.

Carpet Renovations’ Pet-friendly Pet Odor Eliminator Process

The professionals at Carpet Renovations promise to you, is never will they use a dangerous or non-ecofriendly carpet cleaner, ever. You will notice the professionalism of their trained technicians right off as they are combing your home with their ultra violet black lights to find every area of pet contamination. This black light inspection will cause pet urine in the carpet to glow a bright green allowing the technician to zero in on the areas and treat them accordingly. After locating the infected areas they are then treated with a urine stain neutralizer and allowed a dwelling time to break down the bacteria. The carpet is then flushed thoroughly with a deep steam truck mounted cleaning system using a low ph rinsing solution to neutralize the alkalinity of the pet urine stains. After a cleaning, the pet urine that has penetrated underneath the carpet has the tendency to try to work its way back up through the carpet fibers and resurface (this is referred to as wicking). To remedy this problem Carpet Renovations will apply an enzyme treatment to the area after cleaning to prevent future stains and odors from reoccurring.

In addition to this, if needed, Carpet Renovations can treat the offending areas with an Allergy Relief treatment, specially designed for those who suffer from either allergies or asthma. And in the case of very tough pet stains, Carpet Renovations offers restoration packages which include carpet pad replacement that will help to fix these problem areas as well.

We professionals at Carpet Renovations are renowned for our pet damage work ever since our company first started cleaning carpets back in 1986. We are a team dedicated to great customer service so you can be assured that you carpet, tile or upholstery will be cleaned in the most eco-friendly way possible and in a way that is safe for both your family and your pets. If you’re looking for a good carpet cleaning company in Tulsa that has the experience in eliminating your pet odor problems then look no further. Carpet Renovations is your best choice! Give us a call at 918-437-1956 or use our easy online scheduling system and let us start making your home a cleaner and healthier one.

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What Our Customers Say

Francis headshot
I have to say this is the most amazing, ethical, honest, company i have ever had the pleasure of hiring. I’m still amazed at the level of customer service and satisfaction they provided because it is so hard to find anymore, but they renewed my faith in how a successful business should be ran. Please give them the opportunity to serve you… you won’t be disappointed! My husband and I are forever grateful and honored to recommend them!
— Francis
Marcy E. headshot
I have used Carpet Renovations over the past 5+ years for carpet cleaning, repair, stretching, area rug cleaning, & air duct cleaning. Every time they are great to work with, professional, knowledgeable and their work is always done correctly the first time. Great Family Company!!
— Marcy E.
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The best service crew!!! I’ve used carpet renovations many times in the last 10+ years. They are very professional, prompt, and polite. Quality service at an affordable price.
— Latosha