Tulsa Carpet Repair

Carpet Renovations, Inc.  is your residential carpet repair specialist in Tulsa. As the top Tulsa OK carpet repair company, we can repair your carpet as well as clean it. We can easily repair holes in your carpet by re-stretching the carpet or patching the hole itself. From a small cigarette burn to re-stretching your entire house, we can do it all.

Before you give up on your old carpet, call the carpet repair experts at Carpet Renovations. You might be shocked at how just a little bit of repair can add years of life onto your carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 437-1956 for an estimate and let's see if our professional carpet repair service is right for you.

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Power Stretching

One of the most frequent questions asked is what caused my carpet to wrinkle? There are a few reasons why a carpet would wrinkle but 90% of the time the answer will be poorly installed carpet to begin with. New regulations for carpet installation by the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) are now requiring it mandatory for carpet to be installed using a Power Stretcher. Unfortunately there are still many contractors installing whole houses of carpet using a much smaller tool known as a knee kicker. This is a definitely a much faster process and at first appears to do the job but it is not long before the stiffness of the new carpet begins to relax and you are left with a disappointing room full of wrinkles and waves. Our Tulsa carpet repair contractors are trained and highly skilled in the CRI Power Stretching guidelines, so you can be assured your carpet will be stretched correctly.

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Holes, Burns, Tears

Residential carpet repair needs can come in many forms; a dog gets stuck in a bedroom and tries to claw his way out, a fireplace or cigarette burn, spilt bleach, hair dyes and ink spills, or a hot Iron left unattended. All of these types of repair can be handled by skillfully cutting the area out and mending in a new piece of carpet. Often times extra carpet for the repair can be found in an attic left by the home builder or previous owner. If no matching carpet is available we keep a full stock of carpet remnants and will bring a piece with us to put in a closet, then use the carpet from the closet for the carpet repair. It is also helpful to text or email a pic of the area needing repair so we may give you an exact quote over the phone and also know what shade of carpet to bring with us.

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Carpet & Pad Relay

Have you had a water damage company remove your pad only to find out later they don’t offer re-installation services... we can fix that! Carpet Renovations will match the thickness and density of your carpet pad and then reinstall it and your existing carpet to its pre-loss condition.

Has your pet frequented an area more than just a few times... it may be time to remove the contaminated pad and install new in those favored areas. Pad is like a sponge and over a period of time pet urine can penetrate and soak into the pad making it difficult to remove the odor. New pad installation in these areas combined with pet enzyme treatments and a deep carpet cleaning will remedy the problem quickly.

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Transition Repair

Entryways can come loose over a period of time, especially from carpet to tile or wood. Our services include installing new tack strip, power stretching the carpet to entryway, and new entryway installations. So there is no need to keep stepping on those sharp little nails or tripping over that loose torn carpet any longer. Give us a call and get that long and put off carpet entryway repair off your to do list today!

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Water Damage

When you are in need of water damage restoration in the Tulsa area call Carpet Renovations, we are the water damage specialists. Offering emergency water extraction, pad removal, odor control, carpet drying equipment, and pad re-installation. Please visit our water damage page for more information.

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Carpet Cleaning

Professionally steam carpet cleaning by our qualified cleaning technicians is the final touch for any carpet repair or carpet stretching service. Our carpet cleaning process is one of the best in the Tulsa area; we offer green, safe, non-toxic cleaning. With a professional cleaning your carpet will look their absolute best! Please visit our carpet cleaning page for more information. Other services offered include: Tile & Grout Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning. Call today for your free quote.

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