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Deep Clean

  • Pre-inspection & (Pet Urine Stain Analysis if needed)
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Move, Pad & Block Furniture
    (large pieces excluded: China Cabinets, Beds, Entertainment Centers, Etc…)
  • Apply Traffic Lane Pretreat & Prep Carpet for Extraction
  • Deep Steam Clean w/ Truck mounted Steam Clean System

Deep Clean & Protect

  • Includes all “Deep Clean Services”
  • Apply Green Guard Carpet Protectant

Deep Clean, Protect, & Sanitize

  • Includes Both Deep Clean & Protect Services
  • Apply Responsible Care Anti-Allergen Deodorizer/Sanitizer – helps eliminate germs, bacteria & dust mites that are living in your carpet.

Deep Clean & Pet Treatment

  • Includes Pet Urine Stain Analysis (with black light)
  • Apply Pet Urine Neutralizing Pretreat
  • Flush with Steam Cleaning Process
  • Apply Odor Attack Enzymes

  • This process helps eliminate pet urine odors, germs, bacteria & dust mites that are living in your carpet.


Why do you need my sq ft?

We use the estimated square footage of your home to estimate the size of each area we will be cleaning. This calculation method helps us determine how much cleaning will be needed without you having to measure each room individually.

If you have a question or are unsure of the size of your home, please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with an in-home estimate.


Dupont Heavy Duty Grout Sealer:

A premium coating applied to grout which prevents future soiling.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our Professional 3 step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process
Includes: Pretreat, Brush, Extraction with Truck mounted Steam Cleaning System

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealer

Our Professional 3 step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process And Application of: Dupont Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Grout Sealer A premium coating applied to grout which prevents future soiling.


All Air Duct Cleaning includes:

  • Air Duct Cleaning with Truck Mounted rotary brush system
  • Dryer vent system cleaned at no additional charge – prevents accidental fires and more effecient drying time.
  • Replace Air Filters ( provided by customer)
  • Fog System w/ Sporicidin – Kills bacteria, Germs, Mold Spors (last up to 6 months)