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Paul Dixon is the owner of Carpet Renovations, Inc. serving the Tulsa & Broken Arrow Oklahoma area for over 30 years and is qualified in Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair & Stretching, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning services. 

Just How Clean is Your Sofa?

Maybe you have a house full of kids with a pet or two or more running in, out and about. Or, maybe it’s just an adult or two in the house that entertains family and friends frequently. Either way, you know that your upholstered furniture is getting used and probably getting more than just a little dirty.

No matter how careful everyone is, furniture collects dust, food crumbs, germs, pollen, and stains and gets a blemish or two from accidents. But there is no need to toss out that furniture and buy all new! You can have it professionally cleaned and get it looking like the day you first bought it.

By having it professionally cleaned, you’ll not only renew the feel and look of your old furniture, but you’ll give your furniture an extension of life, too. Next to your home and your vehicle, your furniture is probably one of the next biggest investments you’ll ever make. With that being said, you want to get the most that you can out of your purchase.

So, what can a professional company do that you can’t? Well, at a company like Carpet Renovations, they have powerful truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and trained technicians who have cleaned all kinds of upholstered furnishings many times over. They will analyze the pieces you want to be cleaned, then determine the best method to get it cleaned in the best way possible for you.

In many cases, they use a hot-water extraction method that is highly effective in cleaning deep down, as well as getting the surface cleaned. They also use professional grade cleaning agents that have been specially formulated to clean upholstered furniture safely, but powerful enough to give you the best- looking furniture possible.

Clean upholstered furniture doesn’t just look better, but it improves indoor allergens in your home by getting rid of the dirt, dust and other bacteria, and germ infested pollutants that collect in between the cushions and in the cracks and crevices. It also will lengthen the life of your furniture so that you will get the most from your investment.

After a good deep and thorough cleaning, a professional upholstery cleaning service will sanitize your furniture just as they do with their carpet cleaning process. They will then apply a fabric protector that is invisible to you but will keep dirt, dust and spills at bay, allowing your furniture to stay clean longer.

Carpet Renovations offers an upholstery cleaning, sanitizing, and protection package that is guaranteed to get your home furnishings back to looking their absolute best and with the added protection you will be able to keep it that way a whole lot easier.


Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:




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Can the Padding be Saved When the Carpet Gets Wet?

One of the last things a homeowner wants to see is a flooded house. Whether it is a busted water pipe, overflowing sink or tub or weather related, a flooded house is a challenging experience for anyone. It happens and when it does, it can cause chaos, panic, and problems.

The Danger of a Flooded House

The main danger associated with a house flood is the risk of mold. Not only does mold smell, but it can cause health issues such as asthma and respiratory problems. It can also have adverse effects on those that have allergies. All of this is because the types of mold that can grow in a home that has flooded produce toxins. Everywhere you look today, there is some sort of mold all around us, almost seeming to be a part of the environment today. But when mold becomes moist and stays moist, it multiplies fast, creating more.

When carpet gets wet and is left wet, it can cause problems like delamination that happens when there is excessive moisture which weakens the glue. At this point, the two things the glue was holding together begin to separate and allows an area for mold to begin growing.

Fast Action is a Must

The Environmental Protection Agency advises us that it is necessary to act immediately when your carpet gets wet. Ideally, the carpet and the padding need to be completely dry within forty-eight hours to protect your home from mold growth. It takes time for the carpet to dry. So, the quicker you get started on this, the better.

What should you do?

For any type of carpet, the first step is to determine the cause and fix the problem that flooded the house. If you detect the odor of a strong mildew smell, call a professional immediately. They can clean the house and get it safe for occupancy. They can determine if the carpet can be saved or if it needs to be removed.

Carpet with no Pad

Carefully remove all the water you can with a wet-vac by slowly moving the nozzle over the whole area to remove the water. This will be quicker than using a back and forth motion. Set up blowers and fans around the house to circulate the air and open the windows, if you can. Set up a dehumidifier around the house to minimize the humidity.

Carpet with a Pad

If the carpeting was professionally installed, wear leather gloves and pull up the carpeting and padding from the tack strip along the edge. Once you have the pad pulled up, dispose of it immediately. Carpet padding is like a sponge and will absorb a lot of water, but it will not dry out. So, if you were to reuse the padding, it will be damp and begin to mildew, grow mold and smell under the carpeting.

Now, lay the carpeting back down flat so that it doesn’t dry bunched up. With a wet-vac, remove the water thoroughly, same as above with a slow motion over the area, not a back and forth motion. Use blowers and fans positioned to blow under the carpeting, so the air circulates. If possible, open all the windows if it is a dry sunny day, so the humidity is pulled out and use dehumidifiers, if available. If it has been raining or is humid outside then it is best to leave doors and windows closed and turn on your central fan system to keep the air circulating.

Clean & Sanitize the carpet

Use a home carpet cleaning system, rental, or call a professional to make sure your carpet has been cleaned thoroughly and there are no germs left in the carpet from the water contamination. You will also want to treat the carpet with an anti-microbial agent to eliminate any possibility of mold spores from growing.

After the carpet and the flooring under have completely dried, replace the padding and then reinstall the carpeting. It can be hard reinstalling dried carpet because it becomes stiff as it dries. You may want to consider hiring a professional who has experience with this, they will have access to tools of the trade that you may not readily have on hand.

Below is a video on the steps for drying a carpet and removing the carpet padding.



Carpet Renovations, Inc. |  Water Damage Service  |  11672 E. 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  |  (918) 437-1956  |  Website:



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How A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Removes Pet Urine From Carpet

Deciding to clean your carpet yourself or hiring a professional to do the work for you is a decision many people are faced with on a regular basis. By performing a search on the internet you can pretty much find out how to do just about anything,

How about when it comes to dealing with a pet urine situation in your carpet? This sounds like something that would be better off leaving to the professional. Let’s take a look and see how a professional carpet cleaner would handle this type of situation.

In this article you will find out how a professional carpet cleaning company cleans a carpet that has been contaminated with pet urine past the point where you would want to attempt cleaning it yourself.

A professional carpet cleaning technician first locates each area that needs to be treated by using an ultraviolet light coupled with the use of a tool known as a Hydro-Sensor.

Upon locating the areas he will then saturate the area with a Urine Stain Neutralizer.

The carpet cleaning technician then cleans all the other rooms of carpet, giving the Urine Stain Neutralizer an ample amount of time to dwell. As he makes his way to the stains that have been soaking he will flush each area with a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning system. These truck mounted units can reach temperatures up to 260 degrees and are ran at 550 psi of water pressure and have a very powerful vacuum system which leaves the carpet dryer than ever. This type of unit is certainly powerful enough to do a very thorough rinsing of the contaminated areas and when it comes to pet accidents, removing as much of the bacteria as possible is extremely important.

After the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned and the pet stains flushed the professional will then treat each area with an enzyme. An enzyme is a specially formulated product that is engineered specifically for destroying urine bacteria. The enzyme is left in the carpet helping to eliminate anything that would work its way back up and through the carpet fibers from underneath the carpet surface.

On heavier type situations where the pet urine has penetrated past the carpet fibers and into the carpet backing or pad, a professional carpet cleaning technician will have the capability to flush the area all the way down to the pad with a tool referred to as a water claw. Other ways to handle this extent of damage would be to pull the carpet back and replace the carpet pad itself.

As stated previously this is a service that some may attempt to do for themselves but a carpet cleaning professional who has performed and perfected his skills will have much more knowledge, better equipment and products, and the ability to outperform most novices. So when it comes to pet stains and odor in carpet this is surely one of the areas that is better off leaving for the professional.

Do you need a carpet cleaning professional who can perform this type of service for you?

Carpet Renovations, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company serving the Greater Tulsa & Broken Arrow Area. Trained and qualified to handle the most difficult aspects of carpet cleaning including pet damaged carpet, carpet repair, and restoration services. Give them a call today at (918)437-1956

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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5 Allergy Relief Tips For Your Home

When you are suffering from allergies the key to relief is getting rid of the source of the problem. Unfortunately, what is causing most of the symptoms is often overlooked. Here are a few things you can do to help eliminate allergens in your home. By following these 5 tips you will drastically remove a lot of the problems associated with what is causing allergic reactions in your home.

  1. Air Duct Cleaning: Dirt, dust, pollen, and mold spores all accumulate in your heating and air duct system. These particles are not seen by the visible eye and are recirculating into the air you breathe. This will cause terrible problems for those suffering with allergies. Having the air duct system cleaned by a professional will drastically improve the quality of the indoor air and will often times give the allergy sufferer immediate relief. Always make certain that you replace your air filter with a high quality micro particle air filter at least once every 3 months.
  2. Carpeting & Area Rugs: Carpet is great for removing particles from the air; it actually acts as a filter. If you have carpet be sure to have it professionally deep steam cleaned every 6–12 months. If you don’t have carpet in your home, place a few area rugs in each room.
  3. Upholstery Cleaning: Be sure to vacuum your fabric furniture such as sofas, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans, on a regular basis. These Items also trap and hold dirt, germs, dust mites and other allergens. Even if you do not have visible spills and stains on your homes furnishings it would be advisable to have these items professionally cleaned at least annually.
  4. Mattress Cleaning: Commonly overlooked by most is having the mattress cleaned. This is one of the biggest causes of discomfort for those suffering from allergens. We spend an average of 8 hours a day in our beds and this is one item you do not want to overlook. When it comes to mattress cleaning spend the little extra and have it professionally cleaned. A Company that professionally cleans mattresses will have the right equipment to deep clean and remove the embedded particles that are causing so much havoc.
  5. Allergy Relief Treatments: Very few are aware there are products on the market that can be applied to the air ducts, carpet, upholstery, and mattresses. These topical agents have been developed to remove particles from the elements that are causing the allergens. An Anti-Allergen Relief Treatment is easy to apply and can make an amazing and notable difference.

Are you in need of a cleaning service that specializes in Allergy Relief?

You can contact: Carpet Renovations, Inc. at (918) 437-1956. Carpet Renovations has been serving the Tulsa & Broken Arrow Areas since 1986 and will be happy to serve you.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Allergy Relief Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Congratulations, So you've hired a carpet cleaning company and now you would like to know what you can do to prepare for the big day. Preparation is key for just about everything and having your carpet cleaner arrive and be able to get right to work is key to having a great experience for you and the company you've hired.

Here are a few helpful tips on preparing for your carpet cleaning technician.

Have a parking spot ready for them

The first thing the carpet cleaning company you hired will need upon arrival is a cleared out parking space to unload and set up there cleaning equipment. Saving them the time and trouble of moving your vehicle out of the way will show them you are prepared.

Make accommodations for Children & Pets

Having children and pets stay in another room, outside, or with a sitter that day is a great idea. A barking dog or a crying child present upon arrival could distract you and your carpet cleaner and make the initial meeting more complicated.


Having your carpet pre-vacuumed is always a great idea. Most professional carpet cleaning equipment is made for cleaning the carpet fiber so large debris in the carpet can clog their equipment. If the carpet company you hire vacuumes prior to cleaning then you have already saved them an extra step.

Clear out small items from the rooms

Removing small items from the room such as electronics, plants, lamps and knick-knacks will give your carpet cleaner more room to work allowing him to focus on the carpet cleaning process itself. I assure you, if you have the capability of clearing out your rooms as much as possible, moving small items onto tiled flooring or even placing items on top of beds for the day, your carpet cleaner will be breathing a big sigh of relief! Who knows how many times he has visited a home only to find everything still messy and items all over the place when he arrived.

Moving Large Items

Most companies follow an industry safety standard which does not allow their technicians to move large or breakable items such as Pianos, China Cabinets, Beds, etc... So if there is a need to have items like these moved it would be best to have them moved prior to their arrival.

Most carpet cleaning companies will move, pad, and block items such as Sofas, End Tables, & Chairs but mostly clean just the traffic areas around Beds and large Dressers and such. If you have an area rug or two that will not be cleaned and would like the carpet cleaned underneath, it is best to have them rolled up and stored somewhere for the day.

Do an initial walk thru with your technician

Upon arrival, take a little time with the technician and go through each room pointing out areas of concern. It helps if you inform him of any unusual stains you are aware of and what had caused each stain. Also if there are any pieces of furniture you would like for him to move this is a great time to let him know. By doing this it helps your carpet cleaner know your expectations and also gives you the opportunity to get to know him a little as well.

While part of the joy of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company includes having someone else do the dirty work for you, taking these pro-active steps can help make sure you get the cleanest carpet possible and the biggest bang for your buck.

Are you in need of a professional carpet cleaning company?

Carpet Renovations, Inc. has been serving the Tulsa / Broken Arrow area since 1986 and has trained & qualified technicians standing by to serve you. Give us a call at (918) 437-1956 for more information.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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Meet the owners of Carpet Renovations, Inc.

Welcome and thank you so much for coming to our blog to meet us! Our names are Paul and Rose Dixon Owners of Carpet Renovations, Inc.

It has been a pleasure for us to serve the Greater Tulsa & Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Area. We have really been thrilled operating our carpet cleaning business in our new Broken Arrow Location! So much so we recently moved our residence to Broken Arrow having previously lived in Claremore, Oklahoma.

We are currently attending church at Sheridan Christian Center and looking forward to becoming active members within the church possibly serving in the Children's Ministry and Evangelism Areas. We will keep you posted on how that is coming along whereas we just started attending this marvelous church just a few months ago and looking where the most need and best fit for us will be.

Other things we enjoy doing is visiting Costa Rica where we are currently as I am writing this article. We visit mainly to see family but we also very much enjoy the beautiful ocean beaches and rain forests along with the very interesting and fascinating experiences of the market shopping in down town central San Jose! Of course this is just common place for my wife Rose but a whole new experience for me. We very much enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren who also live here in the Tulsa area so we get to see them quite frequently and cherish every moment spent with them.

As we strive to be and become one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in our area we try not to lose focus on the fact that it is a privilege to be doing what we are doing. It is people such as yourselves and of course our return customers that allow us to keep serving and growing the business as we are pursuing our dreams. We love setting goals and accomplishing them as we add new and creative ideas to the business; new equipment, products, and hiring some of the best employees a company can have.

Our goal with what we want to accomplish throughout the day as business owners is to be a blessing to everyone we come in contact with and to offer one of the best carpet cleaning experiences that one can have. We do this by providing the best equipment and training to our technicians and passing on the desire to them to be a blessing to each and every customer. Our aim is to completely satisfy and wow our clients with a great job and to add to their day an extra touch of enjoyment.

Now that you have met us and know a little about ourselves we truly look forward to hearing from you and making your acquaintance also. Again, Thank you so much for this opportunity to share a little of our lives with you and to learn a little about our purposes and enjoyments of life we have to share.

~ Paul & Rose

Here is a funny video of Rose and I.  We were out gardening and I thought she was taking a picture, turns out the video was on... too funny!

Carpet Renovations, Inc.  Paul and Rose Dixon Owners, 11672 E. 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  (918) 437-1956  website:



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The Makings of A Successful Business


As with anything a business needs direction. Much like a road map that defines your destination you will need to make your business plan clear and direct. Put your plan in writing, set your goals, and daily pursue them. As your business grows you will want to reevaluate and continue adding to them as you move forward accomplishing your dreams.


Financial planning is the fuel to getting you where you want to go. Start with a budget and just as you did with your business plan put it in writing. Some may want to take a small business loan while others will start with a small attainable investment and grow the business as their profits come in. Either you choose put your ideas on paper and set goals for your financial success.


Marketing your business is key to your success; you will want to spend time, money, and effort getting the word out. You should spend an ample amount of time each day making connections whether it is face to face or online marketing. Your connections will become a valuable asset for getting you where you want to go.


This is beyond a doubt one of your most important decisions for your business. It is very important that you not only know HOW you do what you do but WHY you do what you do. Surround yourself with other successful people as you pick your team and invest time with them sharing your vision regularly. Empower your team for success by giving them clear direction and purpose. Appreciation for the individuals you associate is the winning key so let them know how important they are to the success of the business. Set your key associates in positions of influence letting them know you are interested in their thoughts and ideas.


Start with developing a system that works. Systematic procedures for others to follow that are proven successful are the cornerstone to all successful businesses. After developing a successful system continue to improve it on a regular basis as your knowledge and finances grow. Continued education in your area of expertise for yourself and your team coupled with the latest and most effective tools of your trade are a powerful combination that will give you the momentum you need to make your business a great one.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  | 11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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The Professional Way to Clean Tile

When you have tile flooring installed, it looks beautiful and adds a touch of class to your home …until they need cleaning, anyway. Tile floors are hard to keep clean and getting them cleaned deep down in the grout, and the pores are nearly impossible by hand.

Most tile and all grout are materials that are porous which collect dirt and grime. No matter how much you mop or sweep, those drops and spills get soaked in, no matter how quick you clean them up, and can discolor the surface. Your routine mopping, even spot cleaning can actually push that dirt and grime down deeper where you can’t see it or reach it. Over a period of time the dirt, grease and grime works it's way deep into the porous material of the grout and if not taken care of can cause permanent damage that would require grout removal and re-grouting.

However, using a professional service to clean your grout and tile will not only clean it deep down but restore the luster and make them look new again. You want to make sure you call a professional service that is not only experienced but has the latest equipment and technology and uses a known process that is safe, but gets the job done.

What do They do you Can’t?

A professional company that cleans tile will have technicians that have been trained to use the equipment and know the proper process. They will come in and inspect your floors to determine what process to treat and which products are best for your particular tile. They will use steam cleaners that are the latest technology and use water under high pressure in combination with a vacuum combination, extracting the dirt that is down deep in the grout and tile pores. While it is tough on the dirt and grime, it is a safe process that is gentle on the floors.

They will then seal your floors or grout with a clear sealant as a finishing coat to add a protection keeping dirt out and making it much easier to clean and maintain. This will give your tile floor and the grout a protective barrier against future spills and prevent stains as it soaks into the pores. It will also be a step toward making any future cleaning to be the best possible.



Carpet Renovations, Inc. Tile & Grout Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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Carpet Renovations New Broken Arrow Location

It all began with a dream, the owners of Carpet Renovations, Inc. Paul & Rose Dixon had considered for years a building of their own. At first the thought was to look for a house that had a large shop add-on but then changed to building an office/warehouse with one side to occupy and one side to lease. The young entrepreneurs applied for an SBA government loan and set out to pursue their dream. The complete process took the couple about a year and now Carpet Renovations, Inc. has a new home centrally located in the city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma just off the corner of 91st Street & Aspen.

The couple had quite a challenge finding a small spot of land still available in the Broken Arrow area but as they persevered they soon located and purchased the perfect .6 acre lot just behind a few store fronts. The owner Ken Dobbins had seen an ad Paul had posted looking for a small piece of property in Broken Arrow to build on. It turns out Ken had been saving the lot for over 20 years with the thought he would build again but never did. The Dixon's then contacted The Boyd Group and had their dream put on paper and shortly after accepted by the City of Broken Arrow and the work began.

Paul & Rose found it to be a very pleasant and successful experience as they took on the role of General Contractor for their very first time. Paul stated they were so pleased to find that each of the contractors they had hired not only performed their work skillfully but with integrity and in a timely manner. He also said very few problems arose, which is uncommon in almost any building project. Even the City of Broken Arrow greeted them with open arms and was excited about the project coming to their community and Jim, the Broken Arrow Building Inspector, was an absolute joy to work with.

The new Broken Arrow Carpet Renovations Building is a 4200 sq. ft Lucas Metal Building with two large overhead garage doors going to the warehouse sections, two tiled front offices and bathrooms, and is climate controlled both in the office and warehouse areas. The building parking consists of a concrete parking lot with 8 parking spaces and 1 handicap parking. It is nicely landscaped with rock and evergreen trees and has a fully enclosed 16x16 ft. fenced area containing an 8 cubic ft. dumpster. The project was completed and approved for occupancy on June 25th, 2014.

Carpet Renovations main services are: Carpet Cleaning & Repair, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, & Water Damage Restoration. Other services provided include: Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Allergy Relief Treatments, Pet Damage Restoration, and Odor Control

If you would like to contact Carpet Renovations New Broken Arrow Location you can call (918) 254-4095 or in Tulsa (918) 437-1956.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  2208 S. Aspen Pl. Broken Arrow  | (918) 254-4095  |  Website:


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Angels Unaware

Many will agree with me as we go through our everyday lives, days go by while people seem to just come and go with few leaving much of an impression. Then there comes along a very special someone that after our time with them is spent it leaves us thinking, that person was such an angel! Well, this little article is about a very special lady and her name is Gladys.

It was a typically cold and wintry day my wife and I was called out on a small water damage job where we met Gladys who greeted us at the door with her caring smile and her faithful companion Penny in her arms. It was a real joy getting to know her for the short time we were there.

Gladys is 93 years old and a retired school teacher of 30 years. Marrying at the early age of 20 her husband was soon called off to war just two years later. He fought and sadly was killed in the war never to be reunited with his young bride again. She had lost her only true love in World War II, choosing never to remarry. Gladys then became a school teacher where she served others with her love and kindness for many years. She said being a school teacher came easy to her as she chose to focus on each student’s strong points and help develop them. Every year she still gets over 300+ Christmas cards from her former students.

As we were leaving she impressed my wife Rose and I with one more memorable comment, she said “the only thing that really matters in life is your love that you have for others”. As we look back at our conversation and the idea that this woman has spent her whole life unselfishly helping others it brings a scripture to mind. Hebrews 13:2 - Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. What a joy to work for such a beautiful person.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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The Heat Transfer - The Professional Carpet Cleaner's Secret Weapon

★★★★★ J. Hudson - Great job. As promised, they called before they came, showed up on time, and did a great job as quickly as possible. Jordan was polite and efficient. Not only did he get the carpets clean, but he got out stains I had long since given up on getting out. Prices were reasonable too.

This was an actual Google+ Review given to our company a few months back by another satisfied customer. There are a few things that make a great carpet cleaning company stand out from the rest. One of them is going the extra step when it comes to stains that do not come out with a professional carpet cleaning. Try this trick that professional carpet cleaning companies use when a stain will not come out with their powerful truck mounted steam cleaning systems. You will be surprised by the results! The Heat Transfer process is easy to do and can be done with items that you already have hanging around in your home. Listed below are the steps to follow the next time you have a stubborn stain to remove.

How to do a Heat Transfer:

Brown Stains: Pet Urine, Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, etc...

Mix one quarter teaspoon of liquid hand dish washing detergent and three tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of warm water.

Red Stains: Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Red Punch, etc...

Mix one quarter teaspoon of liquid hand dish washing detergent and three tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of warm water.

1. Using a clean white Terri-cloth rag, blot the stain with your prepared solution above until you remove as much of the spill as possible. Make sure you use enough solution for some of it to remain on the carpet fibers but not so much that it over wets the carpet.

2. Rinse out your rag thoroughly then ring it out leaving it slightly damp.

3. Place the rag over the stain

4. Use a common household iron set on medium steam apply pressure to the rag 20 seconds at a time moving it around frequently.

5. Lift the damp rag to check the stain, If some discoloration still remains repeat steps 1-4 until the stain is completely gone.

Note: This process works on new and old stains and is a safe and proven method for stain removal. Should you have any problems removing a colored stain with this method contact your local carpet cleaning specialist.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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How to Remove Pet Urine from Carpet

They're cute, cuddly, and absolutely your very best friend, right? But when it comes to their little mess's pet urine in carpet can prove to be one of the more difficult stains to get out. In this short article we will walk you through exactly how to remove those stubborn pet urine stains from your carpet.

1. If the area is still wet you should first absorb the urine from the carpet and pad by placing an absorbent rag or towel over the area and step on it firmly several times until there is no more urine to soak up.

2. Depending on the size of the accident mix a 50/50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water in a glass or for larger stains, a bowl. Pour the mixture onto the stain making sure you saturate the carpet enough to get the solution deep into the carpet pad below. Pet urine penetrates into the carpet pad so we want the vinegar solution to soak into the pad also. The vinegar is high in acid and will neutralize the alkaline in the pet urine.

3. Allow a dwell time of at least 15 minutes for the solution to completely neutralize the urine.

4. Next, fold a white terri-cloth rag and place on top of the stain. Apply pressure with your hand or step on it firmly to get out as much of the solution as possible. Repeat this step until there is no more moisture transferring onto the rag.

5. To finish the process fold a fresh white rag and place on top of the area then place something heavy on top of the rag and leave overnight.

The above steps should remove the pet urine stain from the carpet and the pad but if the stain is still visible after drying, mist a light mist of 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide onto the area. Do not over wet the carpet; we are now working with the surface fibers only to remove any yellowish staining. Using a clean, white, absorbent cloth blot or wipe the stain from the outside working your way in. Repeat until the stain is gone.

This is a safe and proven method for pet stain removal but if for any reason the pet stain does not come all the way out contact your local carpet cleaning specialist or you may want to read are article How to do a Heat Transfer on carpet. If you have a pet odor problem that persist you will want to read How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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The Grinch Cleaned Out Carpet Renovations' Christmas Decorations

The holiday times are busy for everyone. There's the food shopping, present shopping and decorating. Businesses and homes all deck the halls and decorate the yards. Taking the kids to see Santa to share their list of wants with him. Then there is The Grinch.

Yes Cindy Lou, there really is a Grinch. Sadly, there are many of them around the country this time of year. Just like many businesses in the area, Carpet Renovations had placed a few Christmas decorations in the small yard of their business. A Frosty the Snowman, lighted presents and few other light up decorations.

Monday night December 8, 2014 a Grinch driving a minivan relieved Carpet Renovations from their outdoor decorations. It isn't the monetary value that they got away with that is the issue here. It is the spirit of Christmas they put a dent in for the team and business owners of Carpet Renovations. As reported on News 6 Tuesday night, Frosty won't return this year. However, the team at Carpet Renovations won't let that Grinch clean our Christmas Spirit out completely!

Its business as usual with us, carpet cleaning and repair, tile cleaning plus much more. If the cold weather is keeping your dog in the house and accidents happen, we are the company that specializes in pet odor and stain removal. Get your house freshened up for the holidays soon.

When you get a chance please take a look at the raw footage we uploaded on YouTube, and if you recognize anyone please contact us or the Broken Arrow police department. Click Here to see the video.

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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning - Frequently Asked Questions

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning - Frequently Asked Questions

If you just had your carpet cleaned or thinking about having your carpet cleaned then this article will answer some of the questions you may have.

After 27 years in the carpet cleaning business the following are a few of the main questions we have been asked after cleaning a home owners carpet.

1. How long will it take for my carpet to dry? Usually between 2 to 4 hours depending on how soiled the carpets are. The more soiled the carpet is, the more solution is needed, the longer the drying time will be. To speed up the drying time, set your thermostat “fan” setting to “on,” turn on all ceiling fans and open window blinds to allow the direct sunlight in. Do not open windows or doors on wet or humid days. This allows outside moisture in and will slow the drying process.

2. Can I walk on the carpet after it has been cleaned? It is best to stay off the carpet until dry, although often times this is not possible. If it is necessary to walk on the carpet after cleaning, ask your carpet technician for a complimentary pair of shoe covers.

3. My carpet is a stain resistant carpet. Is it necessary to reapply a carpet protector? Carpet stain blockers do wear over a period of time. Carpet manufacturers recommend that you reapply a carpet protector each time you have your carpet cleaned. To protect your carpet investment, ask your technician about our Green Guard Carpet Protector.

4. What about stains that keep coming back? There is nothing that any Carpet Cleaning Company can do to prevent stains from reappearing. Stains that keep coming back are a result of spills such as coffee, pop or pet stains that have gone into the backing. The stain “wicks” its way up from the backing, through the carpet fiber and to the surface. If a stain is going to “wick” after cleaning, it will usually do so the following day. If this happens you can call the office at 918-254-4095 or 918-437-1956 to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and remove the stain with our heat transfer process at a nominal charge.

5. If a stain comes back, how can I remove it myself? You will receive a complimentary bottle of spot cleaner. Mix the following together in a 1 quart size spray bottle. Mixture: 4 cap fulls of spot cleaner, 1 cup white distilled vinegar, then fill the bottle the rest of the way with warm water. Spray mixture on stain. Dampen a white terrycloth rag and wring out. Place dampened rag over stain. Using a household clothes iron on medium setting with steam on, place iron on rag and apply pressure for 20 seconds. Repeat process until stain is gone, rinsing out rag as needed. This process also works great on any future spills or pet stains! Be sure to clean off the bottom of your iron after each use.

6. How often do I need to have my carpet cleaned? Carpet manufacturers require that your carpet be cleaned by a professional using the steam cleaning method every 12 months in order to maintain the warranty. However, some heavily traveled areas such as hallways and other traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning. If you have children or pets, you may need to have your carpet cleaned more often.

I hope this article has helped you with some of the most common questions asked concerning carpet cleaning and what to expect after having your carpets cleaned. If you have any questions that may not have been covered feel free to contact us at out our Tulsa office @ (918) 437-1956 or visit us online @

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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Carpet Repair in Tulsa: What can be repaired and when to replace

Carpet Repair in Tulsa: What can be repaired & when to replace


 All types of accidents can happen to a home’s flooring such as wrinkled carpet, pet damage, spilled bleach, burns, tears and more. This article will answer the most common questions on when a carpet can be repaired or if it is best to replace.

The following are common repairs that can be easily performed by a certified carpet repair technician and save you the high cost of replacement:


1. Loose & wrinkled carpet is the most requested carpet repair we receive in our Tulsa office. The reason most carpet becomes wrinkled over time is from poor & improper installation. Thanks to new carpet installation guidelines carpet is now installed using a power stretching tool, although in recent, this type of installation was not a requirement. This type of carpet repair can be easily remedied by a reputable carpet repair or installation technician. Be sure to request the re-stretching to be done using a power stretching tool and not a knee-kicker.

2. Torn carpet, definitely #2 on the list of carpet repair requested. Carpet torn by a family dog trapped in a bedroom and trying to get out or the cat finding a string to play with can result in a torn carpet. This type of repair can be performed by a qualified carpet repair technician by squaring off the outside edges of the tear and seaming in a matching piece of carpet. If there is no matching carpet available a small piece can be taken from a closet. When having this type of repair done the expertise of the technician will determine what kind of results you will get. If the technician is good at what he does you will have a hard time finding the area once repaired.

3. Burns such as a fallen clothes iron, a cigarette burn, or a smoking ember sparking its way out of the fireplace are all candidates for a carpet repair. This type of repair is performed the same way as a torn carpet, using a matching piece to replace the burnt area with. Anything under the size of a credit card will be hard to detect. If the area is larger you may be able to see the carpet seam somewhat but you can be assured it will always look better than a burn or hole in the middle of your living room floor.

4. Wax can be removed from carpet by chipping off the largest amount then removing the remaining wax carefully using a paper towel and clothes iron set on low. Again, you will get the best results from a qualified carpet repair technician. If this does not remedy the problem then the technician can patch in the area similar to the way a torn or burnt carpet is repaired.

5. Red Kool-Aid Stains are easily removed by a repair expert familiar with the "heat transfer" process. This type of a method is great for Kool-Aid, wine, sports drinks, coffee, and stubborn pet stains. A commercially formulated emulsifier is used to lift this type of stain from the carpet utilizing a white terry cloth towel and a clothes iron. If the stain does not respond it can be "patched" in by the technician.

6. Pet Urine that has penetrated into the carpet fibers and down to the carpet pad if contained in a small area can be restored by removing the contaminated carpet pad, installing new carpet pad and tack strip and treating the subflooring, backing, and baseboards with a sanitizer. You will want to have the carpet cleaned & sanitized as well. This process is known as pet damage restoration and works well for confined areas but does not justify cost if needed throughout much of the home.

7. Water damaged carpet can be repaired similar to the steps in #6 above. It would be a good choice to hire a certified water damage restoration company that is knowledgeable in carpet restoration and drying procedures. It is very important to remove the damaged pad as soon as possible, clean the carpet and force dry with a carpet blower or fan. If left unattended the carpet pad will begin to mildew and before long a mold problem will require further restoration or even replacement. A knowledgeable carpet repair technician will be able to determine the correct thickness and density of the pad and match it, saving you from replacing the whole room with new pad and cutting your restoration cost.

When should you replace?

1. Large areas of pet contaminated carpet should not be restored. Carpet pad is like a sponge and traps pet urine. If the pet urine has gone down deep into the pad, has heavily saturated the carpets backing, and it is not contained in a small area such as a dining room or corner of a room, then it is time to replace. Professional pet damage restoration for a whole house situation would be quite costly and would not justify cost. Remember pet urine crystalizes and turns into a gas which is why you detect it and over a period of time can cause respiratory and other health issues.

2. Worn traffic areas are not restorable. Carpet that has been "flattened" down in the main walk areas is permanent. These areas can be raised using a nap lifter during the cleaning process and maintained with a carpet rake but once a carpet has been worn in traffic areas it can be quite difficult keeping it "fluffed up" again.

3. Molded carpet should be replaced. Once there are visible signs of dark mold in carpet it is best to replace. There are products that can remove mold spores but it can be a big problem for those suffering from allergens and respiratory diseases. Also it should be noted that a carpet manufacturer’s warranty is voided once a carpet has been damaged by water.

4. Sewage overflows warrants for carpet replacement. "Gray or Black" water damage is how a restoration company classifies a water damage loss. It is always a good idea to replace carpet if there has been a sewage back up resulting in damage to your carpet. Much like the decision to replace molded carpet, an individual who suffers from allergens or has a respiratory disease will have a very difficult time with this type of bacteria in the home.

Concluding this article on types of carpet repair and when to replace, you will find most misfortunate accidents that occur to your carpet can be easily repaired. If you have a question on a particular carpet repair that has not been covered here please feel free to contact our office @ (918) 437-1956, we will be happy to answer any question you may have and please frequent our blog page as often as you like for more informative articles. Carpet Renovations, Inc. is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Repair & Stretching Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:






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How to Clean Carpet - Do's & Don'ts

Do's and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

There's a lot more to cleaning a carpet properly than most are aware of. In this article you will learn the best method, cleaning products, carpet cleaning tips, and much more. You will learn how to clean your carpet safely and without damage or if you choose to hire a carpet cleaning company you will have the knowledge to keep yourself in the know, making sure your carpets are cleaned correctly.

Do: Use the best method

Over the years carpet cleaning methods have come a long way; I still hear some use the expression "I need my carpets shampooed". Or something like "my carpets are starting to get dirty but I don’t want to clean them because they'll just get dirtier faster!" Shampooing your carpet is no longer a good choice for carpet cleaning and choosing the proper cleaning system is very important. Some systems may leave residues which accelerate re-soiling and defeat the whole purpose of cleaning.

Let’s start with the best method; Shaw industries, one of the leading carpet manufacturers recommends having your carpet cleaned using the hot water extraction system commonly referred to as "steam cleaning". You can rent a cleaning system like this at a local hardware store or hire a company that uses a truck mounted system. Their cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals, and the carpet should dry more quickly.

Don’t: Use the wrong cleaning products

I have seen individuals use carpet shampoos, liquid dish soap, and even household bleach. When cleaning the carpet yourself, you will want to find a good carpet pre-treat and carpet rinse. In my opinion the ones you find at the local hardware stores are not as effective as those you may find at a janitorial or carpet cleaning supply company. Yes, most carpet cleaning supply companies the professionals go to will sell to the general public, just be sure to read and follow all instructions on the labels. I would recommend purchasing one that says "Safe for Stain Resistant Carpet". When choosing a pre-treat be sure the pH is not higher than 9. If hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure they do not use a high alkaline pH cleaner. A high pH cleaning agent cleans the carpet very quick and effectively but will strip your carpet of its stain blockers causing it to re-soil very rapidly. You can never go wrong using an eco-friendly green carpet product. They are very gentle, effective, and safe to use and a great choice for carpet cleaning.

8 Steps to Follow:

1. First, vacuum your carpet thoroughly with a household vacuum cleaner.

2. Mix the pre-treat according to directions in a 1 gallon sprayer then spray on carpet, using a little extra on heavy traffic areas making sure not to over wet the carpet. The pre-treat will loosen embedded soil making it much easier to extract out during the cleaning process.

3. You may also gently brush heavy traffic areas in front of sofas and of course in front of your favorite chair.

4. Next, add your carpet rinse solution to your extraction system and thoroughly extract the pre-treat and loosened soil from the carpet.

5. Make sure to vacuum over the heavy soiled areas several times with just the vacuum to remove as much moisture as possible.

6. Cut small squares of plastic or use Reynolds foil wrap to place under any furniture legs to prevent furniture or rust stains on your carpet.

7. To help your carpet dry faster turn on all ceiling fans and set your thermostat on 76 degrees with the fan switch turned "on" remember to turn it back to "automatic" later.

On cold or rainy days do not open windows, the air indoors will be dryer than that outside and there will be no place for the moisture to go.

8. If possible avoid walking on carpet until dry. Especially when going in and out of the house you wouldn’t want your children or pet to make a mess of your freshly cleaned carpets.

Do: Apply a Carpet Protector

Carpet Manufacturers recommended re-applying a carpet protector after cleaning especially in high traffic areas. Over a period of time carpet can lose its stain resistant qualities causing your carpet to soil more quickly and making it harder to keep clean. A carpet protector will put a "barrier" on your carpet fibers making it easier for you to vacuum up loose tracked in dirt and easily wipe away spills and other misfortunate accidents that may occur. There are several good carpet protectors on the market and can be purchased at your local carpet cleaning supply company along with a grooming brush. Again, I would recommend a Green Eco-friendly carpet protector. Follow mixing instructions, using a 1 gallon sprayer apply an even coat of the protectant to the carpet and then work the product into the carpet pile with a grooming brush.

Contact Us:

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions on how to clean your carpet or would like information on the best way to find a professional carpet cleaning company in your area you may post a comment below or feel free to contact us at (918) 437-1956. I would be happy to help you in whatever way I may.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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My family and I just moved into a different house, and the carpets are musty and dirty. Your article had great tips for cleaning t... Read More
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Seven Great Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Seven Great Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Being in the cleaning industry for over 27 years there is one thing I have found, upkeep and maintenance is a never ending but absolute must for any home or business owner. With our company we offer many services but the number one service I have seen overlooked time and time again is the much needed air duct cleaning service. An indoor air duct system is easily ignored, after all - out of sight, out of mind, right? If it were possible and easier to see the buildup of dust, dirt, and mildew that accumulates in the heat and air system more consumers would make it a priority to have their ducting professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Here at Carpet Renovations we recommend cleaning your air ducts a minimum of every three years and for those suffering from allergens or breathing illnesses we recommend cleaning on an annual basis.



Benefits of Duct Cleaning

There are several reasons to get your air ducts cleaned and they are all important and beneficial. These are just a few them:

1. Improves the overall air quality inside your home.

2. Improves your family's health by removing airborne dust, germs, and particles.

3. Helps reduce bacteria and fungi that contribute to illnesses.

4. Helps increase the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system.

5. Removes harmful mold and dust that can build up and clog your ducts.

6. Helps reduce your utility bills.

7. Helps your home stay clean longer with less dirt and dust.

Call Us Today

If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma or the surrounding area and haven't had your air ducts cleaned in a while then we are here to help. So give us a call at (918) 437-1956 in Tulsa or for air duct cleaning in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma at (918) 254-4095 to schedule your appointment. You can also take advantage of our quick and easy online quote and scheduling, so easy a caveman could do it!



Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Air Duct Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:




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Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaner – Make Sure You Are Getting What You Expect

I remember the day as though it were yesterday; thumbing through the TV Guide and running across that unbelievable ad "carpet cleaning just $9.99 per room." How awesome is that? I can have my bedroom, living room, and hallway professionally cleaned and it will only cost me $30 dollars! It would cost more than that just to rent a Rug Doctor, Right? Long story short I wound up paying a lot more than expected and the guy had me using his brush machine in the heavy soiled areas for him because he was running late, what an experience. Then there was that time I saved a lot of money on this really good dentist, no way Im not telling you the story, you'll have to use your imagination on that one! A few years later and a whole lot wiser, I have come to find out... you get what you pay for.


Here are a few things to look for when hiring a carpet cleaner:

1. Check the company’s Better Business Bureau rating.

2. Were they thorough with their questions and did they find out your needs?

3. Did they come across as professional and courteous?

4. Does the price sound too good to be true?

5. Are they certified and insured?


Great Questions to ask before scheduling your appointment:

1. Do they guarantee phone quotes and are there any additional charges

2. How long have they been in business in this area?

3. What kind of equipment will be used?

4. Are the cleaning agents safe and non-toxic?

5. Do they follow the Carpet Manufacturers Suggested Methods of Cleaning?

6. Will furniture be moved and blocked

7. How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

8. Does the company have references?

9. Is the work guaranteed?


What to be aware of and what to expect:

There are a lot of companies offering low advertised rates and using very poor quality technicians, equipment and cleaning agents. Once one of these disreputable individuals is in your home you will be faced with a high pressured sales pitch instead of a hard working carpet cleaner! Hopefully by reading this article you will be able to avoid this uncomfortable experience but always remember to follow your gut feeling and do not be afraid to ask a questionable contractor to leave your home. It is much easier to do this at first warning than it is later, once they have started the work. Low advertised rates are almost always too good to be true.

You will want to know the company you hire has a good quality truck mounted steam cleaning system. Uses safe, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products, is well trained, knowledgeable, and courteous. A company that has been in business in your area for several years is always a good way to go. I have found that paying a little bit more for quality and having a great experience with a reputable company and their technicians is a luxury I no longer choose to do without. There are good companies in your area and with this information you will be well informed before hiring any carpet cleaning company and yes, you can expect to have a great job and a terrific experience. Please let me know if this article has been of help to you by leaving a comment below and if you would like to contact me with any further questions feel free to call (918) 437-1956 or visit our website @ CarpetRenovations.Com

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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Carpet Protector: Your best choice for preventing stains

Carpet Protector: your best choice for preventing stains

Almost all American-made synthetic carpet offer some sort of stain protection, which makes it easier than ever to remove spots. These treatments make carpet relatively impervious to spotting from food, beverages or pet accidents. But over time the protective chemicals can be worn away by heavy traffic. All carpet is ultimately a fiber. When treated with a stain treatment after cleaning, whether it is a stain resistant fiber or not, your carpet will be better equipped to repel stains.

Why You Should Have a Carpet Protector Applied After Cleaning

Over time the mill-applied carpet protectors can lose their effectiveness. This is due to the fibers being abraded during foot traffic. Although protective treatments are very good, they do need to be replenished after a few years of use, especially in high-traffic areas. The protection applied in the mill can wear off over time, and portions of the fiber can be exposed during abrasions that were not exposed during the mill treatment. The application of a carpet protector after cleaning will ensure that the performance of the fiber will be maintained.

Benefits to carpet protector

  • Forms an invisible shield around each fiber
  • Prevents dirt from lodging into the carpet fibers
  • Repels liquid spills
  • Helps carpets last longer
  • Protects your carpet investment
  • Helps make carpets easier to care for
  • Extra protection from children, pets, and accidents

Maintaining the carpets stain resistance will help your carpet repel dirt and the less dirt will be able to build up – extending the life of the carpet fibers and the look of your carpet. Applying a carpet protector is always a good choice for preventing permanent stains. If you would like further information on this subject please contact us at (918) 437-1956 or visit our website at CarpetRenovations.Com

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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Do 'Green' Cleaning Products Make That Much Difference?

Not only will your family benefit by using 'green' cleaning products, but the whole Earth benefits from them as well, which is good not just now, but for future generations to come. The harmful chemicals that we have used forever put toxins in the air we breathe, the ground our food grows from and the water we bath and drink. Do you ever wonder how things would be if everyone would use only green cleaning products and methods? Imagine these benefits could be worldwide if we all went green.

Reduced Allergies

For several generations now, we have more and more homes that have carpeting, drapes and fabric covered furniture as well as just more 'trash' in the air. From all of that, it is common for children to have allergies now while family history would not show a history of allergies. What has been found in select situations are the cleaning products that are being used contain chemicals that didn't even exist 50, 75 or 100 years ago. The bleaches, cleaning sprays and other chemicals contain allergens and toxins that are irritating children and elderly people causing the allergy increase.

Lower Toxic Risk

The cancer causing and skin irritants and the poisonous elements found inside the cleaning chemicals we use today are frightening. By going 'green', we would not only make it healthier for everyone's respiratory system but we could reduce the risk of children getting them and ingesting them. When the cleaning products on the market today are used, such as sprays, the toxins are in the air and we all inhale them, which not only irritate our lungs and sinus, but have been proven to be harmful to our heart as well as cause cancer.

Further Risks

Traditional cleaning products have been associated with other risks as well and nobody knows those risks better than a professional cleaning company like Carpet Renovations Inc. With a company like this, they have learned the 'green' methods and use the 'green' cleaner that the EPA has approved and recommended. By choosing 'green' to clean, you will create a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family and leave a lasting impression on generations to come.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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