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Jobs in Tulsa: Now Hiring Carpet Cleaners

Established in 1986, Carpet Renovations, Inc. is an elite company that specializes in commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

We offer a fun, relaxed and uplifting work atmosphere.

We only hire top notch employees and take excellent care of our team.

We use state of the art Pro Chem & Master Blend equipment and clean Commercial Buildings, Real Estate Property and Residential Homes

We take pride in our work and always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

We are currently accepting applications for Full Time positions for both Helpers to train on entry level and Lead Technician who have 1 year experience or more

Hours are M-F starting at 8 am and ending around 4-6 PM with some but few weekends when needed.

Starting pay is $13-$20 hr depending on experience

Applicants must have High School Diploma or GED, valid driver’s license, clean driving record, must pass background check and drug testing.

Applicants must maintain professional, clean cut appearance and be responsible, reliable and motivated.

Must be a team player!

Entry Level Hires will be trained in Carpet Cleaning , Carpet Repair & Stretching, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration.

Must be able to lift 80 lbs. with no restrictions

Must be able to be on your feet for majority of your shift.

If you are looking for a healthy work atmosphere, uplifting and encouraging people to spend your day with, apply today and see what makes us different from the average carpet cleaning company.

We offer competitive wages, performance based raises, paid holidays, tips, bonuses, commission sales, vacation pay and a positive work atmosphere.

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Absolute Best Way to Clean any Type of Tile Flooring: Don't use Vinegar or Bleach!

Absolute Best Way to Clean any Type of Tile Flooring:

First A Quick Note of Caution: Vinegar and bleach are commonly used on porcelain or ceramic tile for the removal of stubborn mold and mildew stains and works great but for heavy soil grout lines a high alkaline cleaner works best. Also, beware if you use bleach or vinegar on a natural stone tile it will permanently etch and dull the stone so never use bleach or vinegar on a natural stone such as marble, travertine, or terrazzo.

1. Spray or Mop on Cleaning Agent

Use a High Alkaline Tile and Grout Cleaning product.
Mix your high alkaline cleaner according to the directions on the bottle (usually 2-3 oz. per gallon) then apply with a pump up sprayer or mop on liberally, allow a dwell time of 5 minutes.

A high alkaline cleaner will get even black heavily soiled tile and grout lines looking like new again, it will absolutely amaze you!

High alkaline cleaners are safe for both Ceramic and natural stones. There are a lot of good products out there and by checking the pH rating of those products will help you purchase a good one. For heavy soiled tile a pH of 9 or above will get great results.

One of my favorites is Pro's Choice Heavy Duty Pro-Clean.
I have personally used this product for years, it has a pH of 12 and is safe for any type of tile flooring both ceramic or natural stone.

Why use high alkaline? The higher the alkaline, the stronger the cleaning ability.

2. Scrub & Clean

Next, agitate the tiled areas with a scrub brush or floor machine.
Home Depot or an equipment rental store carries floor machines you can rent along with a brush attachment for tile and grout.

Another option is to purchase a Stand up Tile Grout Brush 

This is a great inexpensive investment to make your job easier. This type of brush will last for years and saves you from bending over on your hands and knees with a scrub brush; they are a real back saver!

3. Remove soil and cleaning solution

To remove the soil and cleaning solution, we use a truck mounted steam system with a spinner tool but you can also use a wet/dry vac, mop, or sponge when doing it yourself. Please keep in mind that removing the soil and cleaning agent can be difficult if it dries, so only work on small areas at a time to keep the solution from drying before you have a chance to get it up.

4. Rinse area thoroughly with water.
Repeat the rinsing process several times using a mop or other type of extraction process; you will want to get all of the soil and cleaning product off the flooring. Once this is done, allow the tile to dry.

5. Apply Sealer

After cleaning your tile, apply a grout sealer for ceramic tile or a penetrating sealer for natural stone tile.
Purchase a premium tile sealer and follow instructions on the back of the bottle, pretty easy to do.

Routine Cleaning & Maintenance
For routine cleaning & maintenance use a neutral tile cleaner with a pH of 7. This will keep your tile looking its best and will not harm the tile sealer you have applied. Mix the neutral cleaner according to instructions (usually 1-2 ounces to a gallon) mop on and rinse off with a clean damp mop. To keep your tile looking great I recommend a routine cleaning at least 1-3 times a week.

If you have any questions before starting your tile cleaning project feel free to give us a call and be sure to leave us your comments below on the results you achieved using our suggestions. We so look forward to hearing from you!

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Tile Cleaning Service | (918) 437-1956 | Serving The Tulsa Area Since 1986!

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How to Repair a Cigarette Burn in Carpet in 5 Easy Steps

How to Repair a Cigarette Burn in Carpet in 5 Easy Steps

1. Start by cutting the burnt area out with a box knife using a new sharp blade.

2. Find a matching piece of carpet or take it from the corner of a closet then cut the piece to match.

3. Slip a small piece of seaming tape or drywall tape under the area to be patched.

4. Then using a hot glue gun and glue stick, apply a thick bead of glue under the carpet & onto the tape.

5. Now Insert your trimmed piece and apply a very slight amount of pressure to ensure adhesion.

Repair completed: What, where did it go? Can't even see it!

Learn better by observing, check out the video below;

Repairing a cigarette burn in carpet is one of the easier repairs to do, once you have mastered the technique you will have the confidence to move on to larger carpet repair projects. If you have any questions in regards to repairing a cigarette burn in your carpet or any other type of carpet repair, give us a call @ (918) 437-1956 we would be happy to help with your project.
Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know how your first cigarette burn repair went, we would love to hear from you!

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Repair Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, OK 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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How to Repair a Hole, Burn, or Tear in Carpet

How to Repair a Hole, Burn, or Tear in Carpet

This technique will work for any type of carpet repair such as a cigarette burn, iron burn, holes of any size or torn carpet. You can also use this method on permanent stains in carpet, just cut the stain out and follow the steps below.

Items you will need: straight edge, square, or ruler, Glue gun & glue stick, drywall paper or seam tape, scissors, donar piece of carpet.
If you don't have extra matching carpet take a donar piece out of a closet in an area that wont be noticed.

1. Using a straight edge, square, or ruler cut out a square around the damaged area with a razor blade knife. Using a new blade make a nice clean cut all the way through the back side of the carpet on all 4 sides then remove the damaged section.

2. Cut to size a matching piece of carpet to replace the one you just took out. Cut all 4 sides making sure to get it nice and snug with no gaps, checking it several times as you make your cuts. Once you have the carpet cut to fit, set it aside till step 5.

3. Cut small strips of seaming tape or dry wall paper and place under the existing carpet and on top of the carpet cushion on all 4 sides. Do not glue directly to the carpet cushion, be sure to use the tape instead.

4. Using a hot glue gun put a thick bead of glue under the backside of the carpet onto the tape/paper on all 4 sides making sure it overflows leaving extra on the paper side for the new piece to go on top of.

5. Now take your donar piece of carpet and place inside the square matching all 4 sides of the backing together. Do not push down too hard or some of the glue may ooze out between the two carpet backings and get onto the carpet fibers, you don't want that.

Gently apply pressure with a book or other light flat object for just a few minutes until the glue sets.

After a few minutes the glue will set and your repair will be complete.

For larger areas such as tears or large burns just follow the same steps, the more practice you have the better you will get!

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Repair Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, OK 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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Best TIPS on Removing Cat/Dog Urine (cheaply BUT effectively)

The first thing you will want to do is find yourself a good quality Ultra Violet Light. We recommend an easy to use UV flashlight, these are readily available online and my favorite thing is; no cumbersome cords to deal with.

Once you have obtained your UV light, turn off the lights and comb your home while marking each pet stain you find with a sticky note or something else such as blue painters tape, this way you can return to work on the spots one by one later. 

 Next thing is HOW to treat and sanitize these stains? Otherwise you’ll just see repeat offences in the very same spot if not eliminated correctly

Frustratingly for you, cats/dogs will continue to return to the “accident area” as long as they can smell their personal scent, even if you can’t smell a thing, they sure can. So, you must neutralize that odor, and failing to do so will render your re-training efforts useless. 

Cat/dog urine contains ammonia and proteins which bacteria will grow on. This is what causes the strong smell and the “attractive” scent to dogs/cats. Even if the stain has dried some time ago the smell will still linger but also serve to attract cats/dogs back. Following these tips will help you break this cycle and this little eco-system. It’s also worth noting that cleaning the area “thoroughly” using conventional methods like soap/detergent and water is usually not enough to remove traces of scent which although undetected by us, is certainly not by cats/dogs. This makes treating the stain to the point where you’re eliminating the traces of scent all the more critical. 

Remember, you can use these methods on BOTH wet and dry urine. Wet urine is fairly easy to spot, and remember that it won’t react to UV light. Dry urine on the other hand is almost invisible, and that’s where the UV flashlight comes into its own. In fact, it’s these dry stains that are usually the root cause to your particular problems. No matter how long they’ve been there for, a UV Light will show you each and every (dry) stain – new, old, or ancient.




[NOTE: Always test on a small area and check to see if any discoloration occurs to your carpet, rug, furniture, etc. Bear in mind that sometimes cat/dog urine CAN in itself cause discoloration to certain materials, so check the stain and the surrounding areas before making the discoloration worse] 

Make up: 2 cups of white distilled vinegar, 2 cups of lukewarm water, 4 tablespoons of baking soda, and a spray bottle (optional)

(If stain is wet) Thoroughly blot up as much as possible. Fold up a rag or newspaper over it and place a heavy object on top. Stand on it if you have to. If the stain is dry leave this out

Mix 2 cups of white distilled vinegar with 2 cups of lukewarm water in a large bowl

Add 4 tablespoons of baking soda – it will fizz by the way!

Pour into a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the area. If you’re not using a spray bottle you can just pour over using the bowl

Let it sit for around 5-10 minutes, then gently rub and blot up with a soft cloth


After blotting any excess stain (wet), mix up the water and vinegar solution

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the stained area

Pour the water and vinegar mix directly onto the baking soda. This will fizz and actively breakdown the stain

Blot and rub gently dry with a soft cloth after letting it sit for around 5-10 mins  



[NOTE: Always test on a small area and check to see if any discoloration occurs to your carpet, rug, furniture, etc. Bear in mind that sometimes cat/dog urine CAN in itself cause discoloration to certain materials, so check the stain and the surrounding areas before making the discoloration worse] 

Get yourself: Paper towels or rags, cup of baking soda, half a cup 3% hydrogen peroxide, teaspoon of dish liquid, and a bowl

(This step is only if the stain is wet) Cover the stain with the paper towels or rags and place a heavy object on top. This so to absorb the excess liquid

Sprinkle a good handful of baking soda over the stain, or more as is necessary

Mix half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish liquid

Slowly pour this mixture over the stain and the baking soda

You will want to work this mixture into the carpet fibers with a cloth or carpet brush,

allow a dwell time of around 10-15 minutes,

then vacuum the area thoroughly.

If the stain or odor persist you will want to repeat these steps. 

And there you have it! These methods actually work.  If you get a chance please leave a comment below

And let us know how this worked for you. Also if you have any other tips or tricks on removing pet urine stains and odors please share with everyone in the comment section below!

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  



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