You Need Carpet Remediation? What is That?

Carpet remediation is not a simple topical cleaning or a quick pass over with a carpet machine. It is a much more. It is reversing or stopping damage to the environment, and homeowners have the tools to control these issues, but help from a professional is usually needed to eliminate completely and properly the issues. The issues to eliminate the bad odors that are caused by your pets.

To do a proper job of remediation, a topical carpet cleaning isn’t going to work when you have a severe odor problem from cat or dog urine. The longer you let the problem go, the deeper it will permeate into floors and move into the walls, framework, and even the foundation of your home. The issue will permeate into the padding and subflooring. Therefore, it must be tackled under the carpets so that you can get to the bottom of the problem.

When your pet urinates on the floor, the urine crystals dry into the pad and sub-floor, and they don’t re-liquefy with water or detergent easily. However, they will dissolve freely in a mild acid condition by emulsification and remove the fats, proteins, and other products in urine.

This is done by flushing a generous amount of acidic solution through the carpet and pad first. Then saturate the area with live non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to digest the remaining residue.Once these two stages are done, the carpet is cleaned the standard way to remove the beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Sometimes when carpeting is severely damaged, the only solution is to remove it and lay new carpeting. It is recommended to treat the subflooring before laying the new carpet to be certain all the odor issues are removed.