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Which Type of Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer?

Which Type of Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer?

So, what color of carpeting do you have in your home? What type of carpeting is it? Nylon, polyester or a wool carpet? When it comes to cleaning it and keeping it clean, the color is only part of the equation. What it is made from is the other part.

The chemical compound of your home’s carpet is not what determines if your carpet will ever get dirty. It is going to get dirty, especially if you have kids and pets. What the chemical compound does affect are the wear and tear. Depending on the chemical compound, carpeting wears differently.

For instance, let’s look at Olefin carpet. It is pretty much a plastic carpet that is rigid and doesn’t have any flexibility. Then, there is nylon carpet, which is a synthetic carpet. It is a flexible type of material and wears better than the Olefin.

Now, let’s look at the dirt and soil issues of carpeting. Regardless of what compound the carpet is made of, Olefin or nylon, if you’re going to buy a light colored carpet, it is going to get dirty and look worn out. Light colored carpet should only be used in low traffic areas.

The active household’s best choice is a Berber carpet or a short loop carpeting.These wear better, and as long as you don’t buy a light color, it won’t show dirt as bad. A neutral tan or a speckled frieze is a good choice. They clean easily for those daily accidents, and when it comes to professional cleaning, they are great.

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