The Professional Way to Clean Tile

The Professional Way to Clean Tile

When you have tile flooring installed, it looks beautiful and adds a touch of class to your home …until they need cleaning, anyway. Tile floors are hard to keep clean and getting them cleaned deep down in the grout, and the pores are nearly impossible by hand.

Most tile and all grout are materials that are porous which collect dirt and grime. No matter how much you mop or sweep, those drops and spills get soaked in, no matter how quick you clean them up, and can discolor the surface. Your routine mopping, even spot cleaning can actually push that dirt and grime down deeper where you can’t see it or reach it. Over a period of time the dirt, grease and grime works it's way deep into the porous material of the grout and if not taken care of can cause permanent damage that would require grout removal and re-grouting.

However, using a professional service to clean your grout and tile will not only clean it deep down but restore the luster and make them look new again. You want to make sure you call a professional service that is not only experienced but has the latest equipment and technology and uses a known process that is safe, but gets the job done.

What Do We Do That You Can’t?

As a professional company that cleans tile, we have technicians that have been trained to use the equipment and know the proper process. We will come in and inspect your floors to determine what process to treat and which products are best for your particular tile. Is it marble tile? Is it travertine tile? We will use steam cleaners that are the latest technology and use water under high pressure in combination with a vacuum process, extracting the dirt that is down deep in the grout and tile pores. While it is tough on the dirt and grime, it is a safe process that is gentle on the floors.

We will then seal your floors or grout with a clear sealant as a finishing coat to add a protection keeping dirt out and making it much easier to clean and maintain. This will give your tile floor and the grout a protective barrier against future spills and prevent stains as it soaks into the pores. It will also be a step toward making any future cleaning to be the best possible.

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