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If Bigger is Better, Then Thicker Carpet Must be, Too!

If Bigger is Better, Then Thicker Carpet Must be, Too!

If you are looking for plush, rich carpeting for your home, then yes, thick carpet is what you should get. Thick plush carpet is great for living areas, a game room or even your master bedroom. However, for a dense and durable carpet, then thick carpeting is not your best choice. Areas such as hallways or a room that has a lot of traffic would not be the best place for the newer style of thick carpeting. For density, you want each inch to have more yarn, and that will give you longer durability. How much carpet fiber is defined per inch on the carpet density and face weight, and both of these aspects play an important role when it comes to determining the durability of carpet.

Dense carpeting has the appearance of not looking as aged and worn. When there is a lot of carpet fibers, it makes it stronger. If you’re looking for durability, look for carpeting with a face weight of more than sixty ounces. However, if you are confused by the two numbers, just refer to the density numbers which are more standardized.

Keep in mind that thicker carpet is difficult to clean, and a dense carpet fiber count makes for a perfect trap for allergens, debris, and dirt. Thus, from the cleaning aspect, high traffic areas are not where you want to install thick carpeting.

Carpet with longer yarns and thicker carpets are more prone to matting, much like dogs with longer hair. This is why businesses with a lot of foot traffic will go with extremely dense carpeting. In a residential use, though, you can go with a happy medium density. A tightly curled and wavy carpet is very durable because of the tight twist every 7 to 9 inches.

A great choice for the highly sought after and much desired thick carpet that is now available to consumers would be perfect as an area rug in a main living room, game room, or favorite hobby room. Using this type of carpet as an area rug enables the homeowner to rotate the carpet from time to time to keep traffic patterns from developing in main walk areas. 

When it comes to thick carpet it is sure to be very comfortable and beautiful for any area it is put in but remember do choose wisely on the location you choose. 

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