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HVAC Air Duct Fogging and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

HVAC Air Duct Fogging and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The community spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been identified in the state of Oklahoma reaching many cases statewide. Tulsa County and Oklahoma County cases are causing many Oklahomans to look for new measures to protect themselves from contracting or spreading the disease. Air duct fogging can help. 

Dr. Bruce Dart with Tulsa County Health Department said "community spread has been identified in Oklahoma over the weekend. And that was identified in Cleveland County. It is likely, in all honesty, we will be seeing community spread very soon in Tulsa County."

As companies are looking at how to deploy their resources to help with the situation externally for the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers, and community, Carpet Renovations, Inc. has now implemented sanitizing services for their customers' HVAC duct ventilation system using an EPA registered disinfectant solution recommended for use in hospitals and medical facilities.   

Fogging your HVAC air duct system is a viable measure for the removal of germs associated with the COVID-19 virus strain.

Use the right Product & Fogger

Using the right product and fogger is essential for obtaining the best results for eliminating germs, bacterial and virus from your air duct system, call a professional with the correct equipment and products.

When called out for air duct cleaning services or fogging a duct system because of a known infection or an airborne disease we use Sporicidin® disinfectant solution.

Sporicidin® disinfectant solution

The benefits of Sporicidin® disinfectant solution

  1. It is an EPA registered disinfectant solution recommended for use in hospitals and medical facilities and is fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal, mildewcidal, and tuburculocidal
  2. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a (ULV) wet fogger
  3. Provides 99.99% kill of disease and odor causing organisms
  4. Continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to 6 months
  5. It is suitable for use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive
  6. Is safe for residential use and leaves a hospital clean (scent) (fragrance)


What are others saying about Sporicidin®?

 Sporicidin® has been categorized as a Level IV (the safest category) disinfectant

“The active ingredients in this product, phenol and sodium phenate (a buffered phenol), have a track record for safety. Interestingly, these active ingredients have been used in a throat spray product named Chloraseptic® for more than 5 decades (Chloraseptic® is a trademark of Prestige Brands Inc.)” – from

Sporicidin® should be used in an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) wet fogger

“We don't recommend using Sporicidin® Disinfectant in thermal foggers (dry mist) due to these foggers use high heat to generate a "steam" fog that can evaporate quickly and not provide adequate surface wetting to be effective at killing microbial organisms.”- Says American Air & Water, Inc. - Sporicidin representative.

 Using face mask for havoc air duct fogging

What to expect when having your home or office HVAC duct system fogged

  1. The central fan system is switched to the “on” position
  2. A trained air duct cleaning technician will use a ULV fogger along with a full concentrated solution of  Sporicidin® to fog your duct system.
  3. The fogging takes place at the air return which is usually located up in the ceiling and in a main entryway or hallway.
  4. The grill is unfastened and the filter removed.
  5. Then the system is fogged 30 - 45 seconds per every 500 sq. ft of home.
  6. The technician will do the same in each air return if you have more than one return.
  7. After the fogging of the system the technician will install a new filter in the air return (usually provided by the home owner)
  8. The grill is refastened and the procedure is complete.
  9. The fan system is then turned back to the “automatic” position and left running at a comfortable setting for the homeowner

It is important to note: Sporicidin® is OSHA safe for use in both residential and commercial settings but you will want to leave the premises for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount of fogging done, you can then enter the area after it has been properly ventilated.

Also Please Note:

Disinfectant & Disinfecting refers to using products to kill germs. By killing germs associated with bacteria, virus, and fungi can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

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