How to Repair a Hole, Burn, or Tear in Carpet

How to Repair a Hole, Burn, or Tear in Carpet

Steps to Repair a Hole, Burn, or Tear in Carpet

This technique will work for any type of carpet repair such as a cigarette burn, iron burn, holes of any size or torn carpet. You can also use this method on permanent stains in carpet, just cut the stain out and follow the steps below.

Items you will need: straight edge, square, or ruler, Glue gun & glue stick, drywall paper or seam tape, scissors, donar piece of carpet.
If you don't have extra matching carpet take a donar piece out of a closet in an area that wont be noticed.

1. Using a straight edge, square, or ruler cut out a square around the damaged area with a razor blade knife. Using a new blade make a nice clean cut all the way through the back side of the carpet on all 4 sides then remove the damaged section.

2. Cut to size a matching piece of carpet to replace the one you just took out. Cut all 4 sides making sure to get it nice and snug with no gaps, checking it several times as you make your cuts. Once you have the carpet cut to fit, set it aside till step 5.

3. Cut small strips of seaming tape or dry wall paper and place under the existing carpet and on top of the carpet cushion on all 4 sides. Do not glue directly to the carpet cushion, be sure to use the tape instead.

4. Using a hot glue gun put a thick bead of glue under the backside of the carpet onto the tape/paper on all 4 sides making sure it overflows leaving extra on the paper side for the new piece to go on top of.

5. Now take your donar piece of carpet and place inside the square matching all 4 sides of the backing together. Do not push down too hard or some of the glue may ooze out between the two carpet backings and get onto the carpet fibers, you don't want that.

Gently apply pressure with a book or other light flat object for just a few minutes until the glue sets.

After a few minutes the glue will set and your repair will be complete.

For larger areas such as tears or large burns just follow the same steps, the more practice you have the better you will get!

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