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Clean Carpet - Do's & Don'ts

How to Clean Carpet - Do's & Don'ts

Do's and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

There's a lot more to cleaning a carpet properly than most are aware of. In this article you will learn the best method, cleaning products, carpet cleaning tips, and much more. You will learn how to clean your carpet safely and without damage or if you choose to hire a carpet cleaning company you will have the knowledge to keep yourself in the know, making sure your carpets are cleaned correctly.

Do: Use the best method

How to Clean CarpetOver the years carpet cleaning methods have come a long way; I still hear some use the expression "I need my carpets shampooed". Or something like "my carpets are starting to get dirty but I don’t want to clean them because they'll just get dirtier faster!" Shampooing your carpet is no longer a good choice for carpet cleaning and choosing the proper cleaning system is very important. Some systems may leave residues which accelerate re-soiling and defeat the whole purpose of cleaning.

Let’s start with the best method; Shaw industries, one of the leading carpet manufacturers recommends having your carpet cleaned using the hot water extraction system commonly referred to as "steam cleaning". You can rent a cleaning system like this at a local hardware store or hire a company that uses a truck mounted system. Their cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals, and the carpet should dry more quickly.

Don’t: Use the wrong cleaning products

Certified carpet cleaning in TulsaI have seen individuals use carpet shampoos, liquid dish soap, and even household bleach. When cleaning the carpet yourself, you will want to find a good carpet pre-treat and carpet rinse. In my opinion the ones you find at the local hardware stores are not as effective as those you may find at a janitorial or carpet cleaning supply company. Yes, most carpet cleaning supply companies the professionals go to will sell to the general public, just be sure to read and follow all instructions on the labels. I would recommend purchasing one that says "Safe for Stain Resistant Carpet". When choosing a pre-treat be sure the pH is not higher than 9. If hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure they do not use a high alkaline pH cleaner. A high pH cleaning agent cleans the carpet very quick and effectively but will strip your carpet of its stain blockers causing it to re-soil very rapidly. You can never go wrong using an eco-friendly green carpet product. They are very gentle, effective, and safe to use and a great choice for carpet cleaning

How to Clean Carpet: 8 Steps to Follow:

  1. First, vacuum your carpet thoroughly with a household vacuum cleaner.
  2. Mix the pre-treat according to directions in a 1 gallon sprayer then spray on carpet, using a little extra on heavy traffic areas making sure not to over wet the carpet. The pre-treat will loosen embedded soil making it much easier to extract out during the cleaning process.
  3. You may also gently brush heavy traffic areas in front of sofas and of course in front of your favorite chair.
  4. Next, add your carpet rinse solution to your extraction system and thoroughly extract the pre-treat and loosened soil from the carpet.
  5. Make sure to vacuum over the heavy soiled areas several times with just the vacuum to remove as much moisture as possible.
  6. Cut small squares of plastic or use Reynolds foil wrap to place under any furniture legs to prevent furniture or rust stains on your carpet.
  7. To help your carpet dry faster turn on all ceiling fans and set your thermostat on 76 degrees with the fan switch turned "on" remember to turn it back to "automatic" later.
  8. On cold or rainy days do not open windows, the air indoors will be dryer than that outside and there will be no place for the moisture to go.
  9. If possible avoid walking on carpet until dry. Especially when going in and out of the house you wouldn’t want your children or pet to make a mess of your freshly cleaned carpets.

Do: Apply a Carpet Protector

Apply a Carpet ProtectorCarpet Manufacturers recommended re-applying a carpet protector after cleaning especially in high traffic areas. Over a period of time carpet can lose its stain resistant qualities causing your carpet to soil more quickly and making it harder to keep clean. A carpet protector will put a "barrier" on your carpet fibers making it easier for you to vacuum up loose tracked in dirt and easily wipe away spills and other misfortunate accidents that may occur. There are several good carpet protectors on the market and can be purchased at your local carpet cleaning supply company along with a grooming brush. Again, I would recommend a Green Eco-friendly carpet protector. Follow mixing instructions, using a 1 gallon sprayer apply an even coat of the protectant to the carpet and then work the product into the carpet pile with a grooming brush.

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