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How to Care for Your Marble Tile Flooring

How to Care for Your Marble Tile Flooring

Marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and has quickly become a favorite for shower stalls, counter tops and tile flooring. Caring for your marble tile flooring is essential to keep it shiny, clean, and protected from damages. Here are some tips for cleaning to help protect your marble tile flooring.

Clean Daily

Marble can end up dirty very quickly. The best thing to do is clean the tiles on a daily basis, using just gentle soapy water. If you use harsh chemicals, you will scratch and damage the top of the tiles. The only time you can use something stronger is if it is specifically designed for marble.

Use a soft mop when cleaning the flooring. This helps to avoid scratches and scuff marks.

Before you use the soapy water, brush up all the dirt on the floor. This prevents any abrasive materials getting stuck in the mop.

Seal the Marble

When you first get your marble, you need to make sure it is sealed. This will help to repel water and you’ll see it bead. While cleaning your marble tile, keep an eye on how the water reacts.

When it stops beading and starts soaking into the tile, you’ll need to get the marble sealed again. This helps to protect the underside and will keep your tile flat.

Use Gentle Stain Treatments

Sometimes marble stains, so you always wipe up any spills as quickly as possible to prevent staining. When you spot a stain, use a gentle treatment that has no ammonia in it. Bleaching treatments will damage the surface of the marble, and may destroy the warranty!

When cleaning your marble or travertine tile, make sure you check the treatments you’re using. Soapy liquid is usually the best option for cleaning.

Professional Cleaning & Polishing

Over a period of time soil and abrasions may accumulate to where a regular cleaning may not get your marble flooring as clean & shiny as you like, so if your marble starts to loose it’s luster you will want to contact a professional marble tile cleaning expert to perform a deeper clean and possibly a polish to restore it back to its original beauty.

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