How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

One stage of protecting your HVAC system is cleaning the air duct system. It will help you save money on the heating and cooling of your home, and improve the life of the whole system. Just how often do you need to have a professional air duct cleaning for your home? Here’s a brief look.

Whenever You Suspect Mold

If you suspect that there is mold for any reason, you’ll want to look into getting your air ducts cleaned immediately. Mold grows in dark, moist areas and your air ducts are a perfect environment for this situation. This is especially a problem if you have a leak that is getting into your air ducts for any reason.

Allowing mold to remain in your air ducts will affect your air quality and health. You’ll start breathing in the particles, making asthma and allergies much worse.

As Soon as You Move Into a New Home

If you’ve moved into a previously owned home consider getting your air duct system professionally cleaned. While you can find out from the seller when they were last cleaned, there is always the possibility of pet dander, dust, cigarette smoke or even mold contamination developing since the last cleaning. Put your health first and get them cleaned.

If the home was recently built and sold new, it may be time to get the air ducts cleaned. They will likely have gathered dust, dirt, and debris from the work performed during the building of the home and new home builders do not utilize the services of an air duct cleaning company to take care of this problem. 

Every 3-5 Years

Generally speaking, among other reasons to have your air ducts cleaned, it is recommended to have your air duct system cleaned every three to five years. This will remove any dust mites from the system and will alert you to problems of mold growth. If you or a family member suffer from allergens you may want to consider having them cleaned more often because air duct cleaning is good for removing airborne dust, germs, mold spores and other contaminates that irritate those suffering from Respiratory Allergies. These are a few instances of the many  

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