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The More you Have Done, The More You’ll Save!

While we have warned you before about using the services of a company that offers a “to good to be true” price and that you get what you pay for, the exception to this rule is when a reputable company offers a really great deal! Here at Carpet Renovations, we do more than just carpet cleaning, we also offer tile and grout cleaning and air duct cleaning services.  

We also clean furniture and mattresses as well as air vents and dryer vent cleaning. We believe we have some of the best pricing in the industry, and we know we provide the best service in this part of Oklahoma. At Carpet Renovations the more you have done the more you save! Here are a few ways to combine services and save a lot of green:

1. Combine any carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or air duct cleaning service and save 10% off your total price! 

2. Receive a free dryer vent cleaning (a $99 value) when you have your air duct system cleaned. 

3. Have two or more mattresses cleaned for a huge savings!

4. Save $10 off on any Carpet Repair,  Carpet Cleaning or Carpet Protector

Carpet Renovations has found that by offering multiple service discounts not only do they save on gas and service charges but the customer saves really big also! So remember what you want to watch for are those “specials” that sound too good to be true... and stick with a company that offers high quality work at a reasonable price!

So, give us a call today and start saving by combining any of the services above!

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet, Tile, Air Duct Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

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How Behind-the-Times is That Carpet Cleaning Company?

In every industry, there are companies that are presented as a professional service with a professional staff. It is up to the consumer to determine if they are hiring a company that is really what they are claiming to be.

In today’s economic times, it is more important than ever to ask questions and verify what is being claimed and read the fine print on anything and everything before you pay money or sign on the line.

Carpet cleaning services are no different, and if anything, this industry has its fair share of companies that are not what they may appear to be. Many ‘fly-by-night’ carpet cleaning companies seem like the real deal and offer a professional service at a great price; at first glance that is. They even go so far as to have professional looking staff in uniforms.

Always remember that not everything is as it is presented and when it comes to cheap prices, you may get what you pay for. Just like any business, a carpet cleaning service is in business to make a profit. So, if they are offering really cheap sounding prices, the quality of the work may very well be poor and done by a professional-looking crew that really doesn’t know anything about cleaning carpets.

To make sure you are getting what you think you are getting, here are some questions to ask a prospective carpet cleaning company:

1. Are your services guaranteed?

A company that backs up its work and follows up to make sure it's customers are happy with the service received is a company you will want to do business with. 

2. Do you provide guaranteed quotes and are there any additional charges associated with your needs?

Any reputable carpet cleaning company will be as thorough as possible finding out your exact needs up front. If a prospective company doesn’t, pass them up. When hiring a carpet cleaning company they should know exactly what your needs area and you should know exactly what they are going to charge and what is included in the services you will be receiving.

3. What type of equipment and system do you use?

A reputable carpet cleaning company will use truck-mounted equipment that consists of a motor driven machine. The technician will pre-treat, agitate, and extract your carpet bringing in only a carpet wand and hose, not a small and inexpensive portable type machine that you could have rented at the local hardware store yourself.  Any other type of equipment that isn’t truck-mounted is not something you want to be paying for and really any professional company should not be using cheap and inexpensive equipment in the first place. 

4. What experience do you have and how long have you been in business in this local community?

By the end of your initial conversation with the company you are considering to hire you will have some kind of idea if the individual has the qualifications and know how to perform the kind of quality work you are looking for but one of the biggest deciding factors should be how long have they been in business and how long have they been located in the city you live in. There are many 'fly-by-night' companies taking advantage of local communities on a regular basis. They come in, stay for a few years, then off to the next town. Hard to believe I know but this is true in just about any kind of service oriented business.

Find out what kind of qualifications the business has. Is the company certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification)?

IICRC is the governing type entity that most reputable carpet cleaning services are registered with and their staff is certified by. This is an indication that the company and their staff have received hands-on training of an extensive nature and have passed the IICRC guidelines and qualifications.

When it comes to carpet cleaning look for a company that has been around for a while. This type of company will be more apt to have perfected their technique in carpet cleaning and have accumulated the proper equipment, cleaners, and know how through experience. 

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Professional Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:

Serving Tulsa Homes and Businesses Since 1986!



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Just How Clean is Your Sofa?

Maybe you have a house full of kids with a pet or two or more running in, out and about. Or, maybe it’s just an adult or two in the house that entertains family and friends frequently. Either way, you know that your upholstered furniture is getting used and probably getting more than just a little dirty.

No matter how careful everyone is, furniture collects dust, food crumbs, germs, pollen, and stains and gets a blemish or two from accidents. But there is no need to toss out that furniture and buy all new! You can have it professionally cleaned and get it looking like the day you first bought it.

By having it professionally cleaned, you’ll not only renew the feel and look of your old furniture, but you’ll give your furniture an extension of life, too. Next to your home and your vehicle, your furniture is probably one of the next biggest investments you’ll ever make. With that being said, you want to get the most that you can out of your purchase.

So, what can a professional company do that you can’t? Well, at a company like Carpet Renovations, they have powerful truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and trained technicians who have cleaned all kinds of upholstered furnishings many times over. They will analyze the pieces you want to be cleaned, then determine the best method to get it cleaned in the best way possible for you.

In many cases, they use a hot-water extraction method that is highly effective in cleaning deep down, as well as getting the surface cleaned. They also use professional grade cleaning agents that have been specially formulated to clean upholstered furniture safely, but powerful enough to give you the best- looking furniture possible.

Clean upholstered furniture doesn’t just look better, but it improves indoor allergens in your home by getting rid of the dirt, dust and other bacteria, and germ infested pollutants that collect in between the cushions and in the cracks and crevices. It also will lengthen the life of your furniture so that you will get the most from your investment.

After a good deep and thorough cleaning, a professional upholstery cleaning service will sanitize your furniture just as they do with their carpet cleaning process. They will then apply a fabric protector that is invisible to you but will keep dirt, dust and spills at bay, allowing your furniture to stay clean longer.

Carpet Renovations offers an upholstery cleaning, sanitizing, and protection package that is guaranteed to get your home furnishings back to looking their absolute best and with the added protection you will be able to keep it that way a whole lot easier.


Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:




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How A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Removes Pet Urine From Carpet

Deciding to clean your carpet yourself or hiring a professional to do the work for you is a decision many people are faced with on a regular basis. By performing a search on the internet you can pretty much find out how to do just about anything,

How about when it comes to dealing with a pet urine situation in your carpet? This sounds like something that would be better off leaving to the professional. Let’s take a look and see how a professional carpet cleaner would handle this type of situation.

In this article you will find out how a professional carpet cleaning company cleans a carpet that has been contaminated with pet urine past the point where you would want to attempt cleaning it yourself.

A professional carpet cleaning technician first locates each area that needs to be treated by using an ultraviolet light coupled with the use of a tool known as a Hydro-Sensor.

Upon locating the areas he will then saturate the area with a Urine Stain Neutralizer.

The carpet cleaning technician then cleans all the other rooms of carpet, giving the Urine Stain Neutralizer an ample amount of time to dwell. As he makes his way to the stains that have been soaking he will flush each area with a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning system. These truck mounted units can reach temperatures up to 260 degrees and are ran at 550 psi of water pressure and have a very powerful vacuum system which leaves the carpet dryer than ever. This type of unit is certainly powerful enough to do a very thorough rinsing of the contaminated areas and when it comes to pet accidents, removing as much of the bacteria as possible is extremely important.

After the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned and the pet stains flushed the professional will then treat each area with an enzyme. An enzyme is a specially formulated product that is engineered specifically for destroying urine bacteria. The enzyme is left in the carpet helping to eliminate anything that would work its way back up and through the carpet fibers from underneath the carpet surface.

On heavier type situations where the pet urine has penetrated past the carpet fibers and into the carpet backing or pad, a professional carpet cleaning technician will have the capability to flush the area all the way down to the pad with a tool referred to as a water claw. Other ways to handle this extent of damage would be to pull the carpet back and replace the carpet pad itself.

As stated previously this is a service that some may attempt to do for themselves but a carpet cleaning professional who has performed and perfected his skills will have much more knowledge, better equipment and products, and the ability to outperform most novices. So when it comes to pet stains and odor in carpet this is surely one of the areas that is better off leaving for the professional.

Do you need a carpet cleaning professional who can perform this type of service for you?

Carpet Renovations, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company serving the Greater Tulsa & Broken Arrow Area. Trained and qualified to handle the most difficult aspects of carpet cleaning including pet damaged carpet, carpet repair, and restoration services. Give them a call today at (918)437-1956

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Congratulations, So you've hired a carpet cleaning company and now you would like to know what you can do to prepare for the big day. Preparation is key for just about everything and having your carpet cleaner arrive and be able to get right to work is key to having a great experience for you and the company you've hired.

Here are a few helpful tips on preparing for your carpet cleaning technician.

Have a parking spot ready for them

The first thing the carpet cleaning company you hired will need upon arrival is a cleared out parking space to unload and set up there cleaning equipment. Saving them the time and trouble of moving your vehicle out of the way will show them you are prepared.

Make accommodations for Children & Pets

Having children and pets stay in another room, outside, or with a sitter that day is a great idea. A barking dog or a crying child present upon arrival could distract you and your carpet cleaner and make the initial meeting more complicated.


Having your carpet pre-vacuumed is always a great idea. Most professional carpet cleaning equipment is made for cleaning the carpet fiber so large debris in the carpet can clog their equipment. If the carpet company you hire vacuumes prior to cleaning then you have already saved them an extra step.

Clear out small items from the rooms

Removing small items from the room such as electronics, plants, lamps and knick-knacks will give your carpet cleaner more room to work allowing him to focus on the carpet cleaning process itself. I assure you, if you have the capability of clearing out your rooms as much as possible, moving small items onto tiled flooring or even placing items on top of beds for the day, your carpet cleaner will be breathing a big sigh of relief! Who knows how many times he has visited a home only to find everything still messy and items all over the place when he arrived.

Moving Large Items

Most companies follow an industry safety standard which does not allow their technicians to move large or breakable items such as Pianos, China Cabinets, Beds, etc... So if there is a need to have items like these moved it would be best to have them moved prior to their arrival.

Most carpet cleaning companies will move, pad, and block items such as Sofas, End Tables, & Chairs but mostly clean just the traffic areas around Beds and large Dressers and such. If you have an area rug or two that will not be cleaned and would like the carpet cleaned underneath, it is best to have them rolled up and stored somewhere for the day.

Do an initial walk thru with your technician

Upon arrival, take a little time with the technician and go through each room pointing out areas of concern. It helps if you inform him of any unusual stains you are aware of and what had caused each stain. Also if there are any pieces of furniture you would like for him to move this is a great time to let him know. By doing this it helps your carpet cleaner know your expectations and also gives you the opportunity to get to know him a little as well.

While part of the joy of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company includes having someone else do the dirty work for you, taking these pro-active steps can help make sure you get the cleanest carpet possible and the biggest bang for your buck.

Are you in need of a professional carpet cleaning company?

Carpet Renovations, Inc. has been serving the Tulsa / Broken Arrow area since 1986 and has trained & qualified technicians standing by to serve you. Give us a call at (918) 437-1956 for more information.

Carpet Renovations, Inc. Carpet Cleaning Service  |  11672 E 51st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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