The More you Have Done, The More You’ll Save!

The More you Have Done, The More You’ll Save!

While we have warned you before about using the services of a company that offers a “to good to be true” price and that you get what you pay for, the exception to this rule is when a reputable company offers a really great deal! Here at Carpet Renovations, we do more than just carpet cleaning, we also offer tile and grout cleaning and air duct cleaning services.  

We also clean furniture and mattresses as well as air vents and dryer vent cleaning. We believe we have some of the best pricing in the industry, and we know we provide the best service in this part of Oklahoma. At Carpet Renovations the more you have done the more you save! Here are a few ways to combine services and save a lot of green:

  1. Combine any carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or air duct cleaning service and save 10% off your total price! 
  2. Receive a free dryer vent cleaning (a $99 value) when you have your air duct system cleaned. 
  3. Have two or more mattresses cleaned for a huge savings!
  4. Save $10 off on any Carpet Repair,  Carpet Cleaning or Carpet Protector

Carpet Renovations has found that by offering multiple service discounts not only do they save on gas and service charges but the customer saves really big also! So remember what you want to watch for are those “specials” that sound too good to be true... and stick with a company that offers high quality work at a reasonable price!

So, give us a call today and start saving by combining any of the services above!

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