How Behind-the-Times is That Carpet Cleaning Company?

How Behind-the-Times is That Carpet Cleaning Company?

In every industry, there are companies that are presented as a professional service with a professional staff. It is up to the consumer to determine if they are hiring a company that is really what they are claiming to be.

In today’s economic times, it is more important than ever to ask questions and verify what is being claimed and read the fine print on anything and everything before you pay money or sign on the line.

Carpet cleaning services are no different, and if anything, this industry has its fair share of companies that are not what they may appear to be. Many ‘fly-by-night’ carpet cleaning companies seem like the real deal and offer a professional service at a great price; at first glance that is. They even go so far as to have professional looking staff in uniforms.

Always remember that not everything is as it is presented and when it comes to cheap prices, you may get what you pay for. Just like any business, a carpet cleaning service is in business to make a profit. So, if they are offering really cheap sounding prices, the quality of the work may very well be poor and done by a professional-looking crew that really doesn’t know anything about cleaning carpets.

To make sure you are getting what you think you are getting, here are some questions to ask a prospective carpet cleaning company:

1. Are your services guaranteed?

A company that backs up its work and follows up to make sure it's customers are happy with the service received is a company you will want to do business with. 

2. Do you provide guaranteed quotes and are there any additional charges associated with your needs?

Any reputable carpet cleaning company will be as thorough as possible finding out your exact needs up front. If a prospective company doesn’t, pass them up. When hiring a carpet cleaning company they should know exactly what your needs area and you should know exactly what they are going to charge and what is included in the services you will be receiving.

3. What type of equipment and system do you use?

A reputable carpet cleaning company will use truck-mounted equipment that consists of a motor driven machine. The technician will pre-treat, agitate, and extract your carpet bringing in only a carpet wand and hose, not a small and inexpensive portable type machine that you could have rented at the local hardware store yourself.  Any other type of equipment that isn’t truck-mounted is not something you want to be paying for and really any professional company should not be using cheap and inexpensive equipment in the first place. 

4. What experience do you have and how long have you been in business in this local community?

By the end of your initial conversation with the company you are considering to hire you will have some kind of idea if the individual has the qualifications and know how to perform the kind of quality work you are looking for but one of the biggest deciding factors should be how long have they been in business and how long have they been located in the city you live in. There are many 'fly-by-night' companies taking advantage of local communities on a regular basis. They come in, stay for a few years, then off to the next town. Hard to believe I know but this is true in just about any kind of service oriented business.

Find out what kind of qualifications the business has. Is the company certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification)?

IICRC is the governing type entity that most reputable carpet cleaning services are registered with and their staff is certified by. This is an indication that the company and their staff have received hands-on training of an extensive nature and have passed the IICRC guidelines and qualifications.

When it comes to carpet cleaning look for a company that has been around for a while. This type of company will be more apt to have perfected their technique in carpet cleaning and have accumulated the proper equipment, cleaners, and know how through experience. 

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