Bixby Carpet Cleaning

Bixby Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Company in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Looking for a really great carpet cleaning company in Bixby, Oklahoma? Then you just landed on the right page! Carpet Renovations, Inc. has been serving the Bixby community since 1986 and has come to be known as one of the best carpet cleaners in the business. Check out these wonderful reviews from some of their now loyal customers and see for yourself what others are saying about the terrific experience this company gives while performing their amazing expert carpet cleaning techniques that took over 30 years to develop! 

What Makes This Company So Special?

Carpet Cleaning Company in Bixby, Oklahoma

One of the things you may be asking yourself when considering Carpet Renovations, Inc. for your carpet cleaning needs is; What makes them any different from the other carpet cleaners you have to pick from? Here are a few things that will show you what sets them apart from all the rest.

  • Guaranteed Phone Quotes - no hidden cost, you receive the exact price up front
  • Great Customer Service - the owner answers all your questions at time of scheduling
  • Quality Technicians - All the Carpet Renovations Crew are trained with one thing in mind, being a blessing to you the customer and getting your carpet cleaner than it has ever been!
  • Great Equipment - Carpet Renovations has the best and most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment available
  • Safe Carpet Cleaners - They use only safe eco-friendly organic cleaners that are tough on stains but safe for you and your family
  • They confirm every appointment the day ahead, calls 20 minutes on the way, and follows up the next day by phone to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your service.

Quick Video of Paul & Rose Demonstrating their Carpet Cleaning Techniques

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"description": "Carpet Cleaning in Bixby - Carpet Renovations, Inc. (918) 437-1956 Paul & Rose Dixon Owners of Carpet Renovations, Inc. Cleaning a carpet in Bixby. Carpet Renovations, Inc. has been serving the Bixby Area for over 30 years and every now and then you might see Paul & his wife Rose out and about. But most of the time you will see their hard working Crew but here is a quick video demonstration of what you can expect with hiring this company for your carpet cleaning needs. Notice the great attention to detail as Rose cleans the Stairway and the prep work that goes into the brushing out of the stains before Paul extracts the carpet with their truck mounted steam clean system. Then the placement of carpet drying systems and the final touch - a nice application of carpet protection. Google My Business: You can also find us on Facebook: Bixby, Oklahoma 74008",
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 Unparalleled Customer Service!

This kind of service is unheard of in today's service oriented businesses! After you use Carpet Renovations for your carpet cleaning needs you too will be so impressed that you will never again be looking for another carpet cleaning company. It's nice to find a company that you can trust, knowing they offer the same consistent quality service time after time and best of all, they service the Bixby area!

So give them a call today and you will see from your very first phone conversation with the owner Paul,  that there is surely something different about this company. 

Carpet Renovations, Inc. | Carpet Cleaning Service  |  Bixby, Oklahoma 74008  | (918) 437-1956  |  Website:


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